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10 tips to paint your house before selling it

Posted by KHADI on December 12, 2018
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Tips to paint your house before a sale

When it comes to selling a house in Lanzarote, it is good to give a facelift to get a higher sale price, or simply to get it sold in the shortest time possible. Therefore, we share 10 basic tips that you have to take into account when painting a house in case you do not have the help of an expert painter:

1. Cover things:

Cover the furniture and floor, protect skirting boards, windows and doors, however it may seem obvious.

To avoid chaos, you should follow the first rule of every professional: Cover things. Use plastics, old fabrics or specific paper for it.

2. Always put pressure on the leading edge of the roller:

When painting with a roller on a wall or ceiling, use an up and down movement and move it in one direction at a time. While doing this, apply pressure to the leading edge of the roller. So if you have to move to the right, you have to turn your hand a little to the right so that more pressure is placed on the edge of the right hand. If you move to the left, turn your hand to the left.

3. The application of adequate pressure will eliminate the “thick edges” or lines that appear on the wall when the paint is squeezed by the edge of the roller. Work a few strokes in one direction, then return in the other direction. Always with movements of up and down, never in different directions, or free will.

Use a roller tray with a drainer or a grid incorporated in a bucket:

Most professional painters prefer a metal grid that hangs from the edge of a cube. For the simple reason that these grids are easier to clean and make the work much faster and cleaner.

In each paint application, check that the roller is uniformly loaded with paint, but not so full that it drips.

4. Use an extension handle for the roller:

When painting large surfaces, it is advisable to use an extension handle, because it allows to move away from the wall, and the normal path of the roller can go from the ceiling to the floor without having to move much. And if you are going to paint the whole house, you have to economize movements.

5. Paint slowly:

Roller paint reaches everywhere, if not used carefully and put on the ceiling, clothes, arms and face, when used quickly. The best way to avoid it, is not to put less paint on the roller, but reduce the speed a little. Although it seems obvious, when it takes a while to paint, it tends to accelerate unconsciously due to fatigue and desire to finish.

6. Avoid buying and using all the accessories that you recommend in the hardware store:

Many times in the hardware stores recommend buying more than necessary, and just a simple set of tools that include ladders, brushes, rollers, extension handles, roller grids or roller tray with drainer, plastic buckets of more than 15 liters of capacity, small work buckets, rags, a silicone gun, a screwdriver and not much else. Perhaps also some professional tools of preparation and cleaning to ensure that the surface is ready to paint and then clean what we could stain. Remember that less is more and there is always time to buy.

7. Invest in good painting:

There is a difference between cheap paint and quality paint. The best paintings are infinitely more comfortable and pleasant to work with. They cover better, they stay better in the brush or roller and they are cleaned more easily. Consulting at the hardware store is a good idea.

8. Take care of the tools and utensils used:

So that we can use them later, the tools and utensils that we use should be cleaned properly, otherwise they will only be usefeul a single time. Caring, in this case, is synonymous with saving.

9. The best ideas for color painting and decoration:

The red color stimulates the appetite. A good option for restaurants, evokes a sense of urgency. The best for liquidations or to attract attention, “Buy now”.

-The yellow color encourages communication. The best for service industries; shows warmth abd it is very attractive. The best color for windows and also to sell a house faster and for a higher price according to recent real estate studies.

-The blue color is perceived as reliable, increases productivity, the best for corporate businesses. It provides a sense of calm, tranquility, the best for airlines and medical practices.

-The purple color represents wealth, wisdom and respect. The best for beauty and aging products, for creative and imaginative minds.

-The orange color reflects enthusiasm; the happiest color in the palette: the best for impulse buying platforms.

-The green color associated with health, nature and peace. The best for companies that respect the environment, creates a calming effect. The best for retail and service outlets.

-The pink color represents femininity and youth, good health in general: the best for fashion and youth brands.

-The black color is authoritarian and powerful. Luxurious. The best for art, music and fashion brands.


Patience is the mother of science, and when it comes to painting you have to apply it, because in painting subjects when you hurry, things get complicated and work goes wrong. Then you have to repaint to solve the problem, which takes much longer; So it is better to have patience and concentrate on doing a good job.

Do you further questions? Do you want to sell your house? Contact us and a real estate consultant will help you to sell your house!