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7 basic points that we recommend to analyze before you start selling your house

Posted by KHADI on December 12, 2018
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Selling a house in Lanzarote especially if it is the first time, is an important decision and should not be taken lightly.

Before going to buy the next house it is convenient to check if you are ready to sell the current one first. We must go beyond giving a simple image wash, that is to paint the walls, clean, remove old furniture and fix the exterior of the house, surely help to put a higher price, but analyzing these 7 basic points that will help us to sell the house more quickly and efficiently:

1. The economy:
First, you must analyze and assess the real financial situation. And weigh if you can keep a mortgage on the new house and a rent, until you can live in it, in case you need any reform or improvement. Or even if it is not habitable and you do not have a mortgage, is that situation viable? For how many months would this situation be viable?

2. The price:

Related to the first point, comes the price you want for the house. It should be at the market sale price and it is interesting to price the house to give it an adequate price, or at least let yourself be advised by the real estate agents that are going to take care of selling the house. If you put a price higher than the market, there is a risk to not selling it.

3. Procedures and documentation:
It is important not to leave the collection of documentation for the day of sale, and it is smart to ask for the certificate of the community to be update with the payment, find the real estate taxes or local taxes subject to the property, such as garbage, etc. Because, if documents are missing, you can lose a sale.

4. Trusted real estate:
If time is not available, for a small commission, the sale can be made by real estate who know the local market, and will give the visibility that the property needs to be sold as soon as possible. In Hormicasa we have a great experience, professionalism and exclusivity in the real estate sector of the Canary Islands, and we can offer our clients a wide range of real estate services to guarantee your satisfaction.

5. Think about the future buyer:
The house should be focused on the future buyer, customization today is a successful sale. Organizing the house with the target audience in mind will be an advantage when it comes to getting a sale.

6. Sort, organize and depersonalize the property:
The first step in making a home attractive is to order, clean in depth and depersonalize the space. Remove photographs and evict the space with furniture that occupy a lot of space, or are not visually attractive and take space away from the property! Also add new and current furniture in spaces where there is empty space.

7. Enter to live:
A house that is visually attractive to enter to live, without making any repairs, reforms or face washing, is a house that will practically sell itself. Spend some money to fix these small damages, paint the walls white, fix faucets, etc. It is an investment for the future, because buyers will see themselves in the property immediately upon entering and will want to buy it.