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If you want good neighbors, you will first have to become one.

Posted by KHADI on December 11, 2018
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The coexistence with the neighbors is often complicated and other times it is a joy. The vast majority of people complain about having bad neighbors, but do not wonder if they, in turn, are good neighbors?

Therefore, from Hormicasa.es we share these 5 tricks so you can win the approval of your entire neighborhood:

1-Good neighbors bring chocolates or cookies when new ones arrive.

If you have arrived again in a neighborhood or a neighborhood community, getting on the right foot is essential! But if you have not been visible to your neighbor until now, now will also be the time to see you.

The best way to present yourself at the door of your neighbor’s house and break the ice, with your hands full, will be with a delivery of freshly baked products or chocolates and let the neighbors know what you are thinking of them.

2-Good neighbors seldom gossip about the rest of the neighborhood.

If your neighbor seems to know the life and miracles of the rest of the neighborhood, you can bet your head and lose it! If you think that you will not be the exception for him.

You are no longer in school, so keep relations with your neighbors and avoid free gatherings of information exchange between neighbors. Many neighbors will appreciate it.

3-Good neighbors share their phone numbers and help before they are asked.

In an interested way it is advisable that you share your phone number with your neighbors or neighbors closest to your home. Stop to think for a few seconds, what happens if they receive your package by mistake? What happens if the house floods while you’re on vacation?

If you feel uncomfortable raising it, ask during one of the chocolates deliveries (you are following rule number one, right?) Or  fake a chance encounter, and write down your name, number and email address on a piece of paper and ask to your neighbor if he feels comfortable sharing his data with you, ‘”in case you need anything or you’re not at home.”

4-Good neighbors are respectful and orderly.

Even if you lack respect of your own, respect those of others and keep clean the common areas that you share with the neighbor next door.

Keep the garbage hidden from the neighbor’s sight, either in the backyard in the garage, until you can get it out of the house. And if it is not too much trouble, sweep the entrance of your house and terrace, fix your garden, and paint your house periodically.

A sloppy lawn full of grass is embarrassing to your neighbors, so it should be also for you. Keeping it cut every week or two is a good start, but it will take more than that to win approval from neighbors

5-Good neighbors communicate.

A good neighbor must respect the limits with his neighbor, but a few words must also be crossed when the partnership needs some arrangement.

Address shared interests, such as fences, drainage ditches and bothersome trees in advance, so you can work out a plan that both parties can agree on.

 If these 5 tips do not work for you and you still have problems with your neighbors, maybe it’s time to ask you to move out, do we help you find a new home with good neighbors?

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