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Outdoor furniture? We tell you which are the most resistant materials

Posted by KHADI on July 8, 2021
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Do not forget that the furniture will be very exposed to the sun, humidity and temperatures

Outdoor furniture is what allows you to fully enjoy that patio, terrace or garden that you have at home. Design is the key that will help you achieve a unique and special space. But you should not only look at their style, but also on the materials.

Do not forget that the furniture will be very exposed to the sun, humidity and temperatures. They will not be eternal, but if you choose well, these furniture will accompany you for years. What are the best weather resistant? Habissimo experts give us the keys.

Metals for all styles

Metals are perfect for outdoor furniture due to their extraordinary resistance in every way. And you can choose between different alternatives. If you are looking for modern and light designs, you will find them in aluminum, a material that works easily, is light, does not corrode and allows all kinds of finishes.
In more classic lines, wrought iron is the metal that is usually worked in outdoor furniture. A material almost for life if you perform minimal maintenance and protect it from moisture with specific treatments.

Halfway between aluminum and forging is steel. It allows sophisticated and elegant designs like the first, although it is heavy and needs maintenance, as in the case of iron.

Plastic: light and resistant

The great advantage of plastic in outdoor furniture is that it facilitates the creation of very attractive and ergonomic designs. To this must be added its lightness and resistance. In contrast to the traditional resin, polyethylene furniture is becoming more and more popular. These are manufactured in really striking sinuous lines and are perfect for chill-out areas, thanks to the fact that they can have built-in lighting to create magical atmospheres at night.

Synthetic fibers

Rattan, bamboo or wicker are common in outdoor furniture, but they suffer from changes in temperature and humidity. The alternative not to do without that special touch that they bring to any terrace or garden are synthetic fibers. Not only do they perfectly imitate the natural ones, but they are worked in many more finishes and, of course, they are more resistant.

Work furniture

Benches and work tables are perfect if you are looking for robust and very resistant outdoor furniture. In addition, they can be designed to perfectly suit both the style of your terrace or garden and its dimensions or shape. In exposed brick, covered in tile or stone, they will hold almost everything. Of course, visually they can be heavy and, obviously, you will not be able to move them.

Wood: Don’t give it up

It may not be the most resistant outdoor furniture material, but the truth is that it is difficult for any other to match its warmth and elegance. You can opt for it, but remember that it needs more exhaustive care if you want it to stay in perfect condition. Also choose woods that withstand temperatures and humid well, such as teak or acacia.

Now that you know more about outdoor furniture materials, one last tip: don’t skimp on quality. Think that they will be very exposed to the elements and that a small extra investment in this aspect will be profitable in the long term, since the useful life of the furniture will be much longer.

Source : Idealista

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