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How to keep your garden neat this summer

Posted by KHADI on July 16, 2021
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If there is a place in the house that is especially enjoyed in summer, that is the garden. It is a small oasis that allows us to escape the heat and enjoy pleasant evenings outdoors.

But high temperatures also affect our gardens, so it is necessary to give them all the attention they need if we want them to be kept in perfect condition. It takes some time and a few precautions, but a healthy garden is a beautiful garden that will be much more enjoyed. Habitissimo experts offer us a series of tips to follow.

The most important thing to maintain the garden: watering

Water is the essential element for any garden during the summer. You have to increase the amount of water as the heat intensifies, although it is not good to overdo it with watering because it makes it difficult for the roots to oxygenate.

You also have to pay attention to the schedule: better first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon. In this way, the earth will remain moist for longer and the sun is prevented from burning the leaves. Keep in mind that the water droplets act like magnifying glasses.

The most comfortable thing is to install automatic irrigation. In this way you can be calm, your garden will receive the water it needs, whether you are at home or not.

Be careful when mowing the lawn

Having a healthy lawn is a real pleasure in summer, but it needs attention, beyond the risk. To prevent the sun from damaging the roots, the recommendation is to leave it somewhat higher than usual.

And do not remove the grass that you cut, it acts as a protective blanket against the sun and temperatures, in addition to helping to keep the soil moisture. By the way, cut it a little, but more often, and better when the heat is not pressing.

A garden full of flowers

To add a touch of joy to the garden, nothing like planting seasonal flowers, such as carnations, petunias or dahlias. They are perfectly heat resistant, but they also need some attention. In addition to making sure they have the water they need, it is important that you remove the dried flowers to promote new ones.

Avoid pests

In summer, the plants are much more exposed to attack by all kinds of fungi and insects. For this reason, another key to keeping the garden in perfect condition is not forgetting to apply preventive treatments.

If it is late and the pest has made its appearance, use suitable products to kill it without damaging the plant. And you must be careful to apply insecticides and fungicides in their proper measure and at dusk.

Fertilizing is also important

To withstand the high temperatures, the plants in the garden must be strong. Therefore, it is essential that they have all the nutrients they need. Already before the summer, and even in the hottest months, do not neglect the compost. And two additional tips: better organic fertilizers and in the amount indicated by the manufacturer because overdoing it is also harmful.

The furniture also needs care

Maintaining the garden means taking care of all its elements, all, also the furniture. It is true that they are furniture very resistant to the elements, to the solar rays and the high temperatures. But that does not mean that they do not suffer with them. A good cleaning from time to time and the application of a protective product will keep them in perfect condition for a long time.

With these tips you will be able to keep your garden healthy and beautiful throughout the summer. You will only need a little effort to enjoy a perfect space where you can forget about the suffocating temperatures of the hottest months.

Source : Idealista

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