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Tips for decorating the house mixing styles: Nordic, vintage and many more

Posted by KHADI on July 2, 2021
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Even if you do not follow the world of decoration closely, you have surely heard of certain decorative styles such as the Nordic style, the modern style or the vintage style. But, did you know that it is not necessary to follow just one of these styles to have a dream decoration at home? If you want to create your own style by mixing different types of decoration, we leave you some tips, in collaboration with the Habitissimo portal.

Contrasts in decoration
The best way to create a sense of warmth and visual interest in a space is to create contrast in it, either through opposing shapes, textures and colors. So think in terms of light and dark; simple or elaborate; and organic shapes or straight lines. For example, contrast wooden pieces with metallic accents, and pair a visually heavier dining table with see-through chairs. In this way, you can create cohesive environments, even if the pieces are of different decorative styles.

Attention to the color palette
Think about the colors you want to incorporate into the space and narrow down your options. In this way, it will be easier to mix pieces of different styles that match the chosen colors. You don’t need to use the same color for everything, or just shades of blue in your décor. Your color palette can include a main color, used in more things, and notes in contrasting colors, which help create more visual interest in the space and will serve as highlights.

Have a neutral background at home
Choosing a neutral background for the room is a great advantage, since neutral colors, such as white, combine very well with all other tones and all decoration styles, allowing you to show your personality through the decoration of a room. easier and more harmonious way. A strong color on the walls would create visual competition in the same space, which might not give the best results. Thus, all the prominence falls on the furniture and decorative pieces, which facilitates the creation of a decoration to your liking.

Repeat elements in space
By repeating some visual element, be it a color, a pattern or even a material, such as steel, you will be able to better direct the eye and reinforce the unity of the whole, without at the same time drowning the pieces together. Try to repeat this element in at least 3 different places in space, to a greater or lesser extent, as this helps our brain to interpret everything as a whole. In this way, it will also be easier to create a unity between notes of different decorative styles.

Mix of very different styles
If the decorating styles you choose are too similar, you may end up not giving the proper emphasis to one or the other. Therefore, try to choose very different decorative styles. For example, a maximal style with a more minimal style works very well, as it will not overwhelm the room. A style that favors the use of patterns also goes very well with a style with more straight and simple lines. So, although it may seem more difficult to create a decoration with very different styles, in reality this is one of the main keys to success.

Source : Idealista

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