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What do the photos of your home for sale or rent communicate

Posted by KHADI on June 25, 2021
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Preparar una casa antes de lanzarla al mercado inmobiliario ayuda a venderla hasta 7 veces más rápido

Surely you already know the importance of good real estate photos and that you will try, as a real estate professional or individual, that all the properties that you have for sale or rent, have those photos or are the best possible. Even so, I want to point out that it is not only the quality of the photo that is important, but also what we teach in those real estate photos is vital.

Basically, real estate photos are a way to communicate with the potential buyer. That is to say, it is the opportunity to tell something about that house for sale or for rent, in a fleeting way since most people pay more attention, in real estate advertisements, to the images than to the texts.

Hence the importance of what the real estate photos show, since they immediately provoke a reaction to those who are seeing them and that reaction is in our interest that it is always positive. A positive reaction will generate an action, curiosity, wanting to know more …, while a negative reaction will generate rejection, it may even be that the potential buyer passes completely from that home. And this is not what we are looking for, is it?

In general, we want to show the possibilities that a home has, which means showing the space it has and how that space can be used. We know that most people are not able to imagine something that they are not seeing there, hence the need to prepare a house before launching it on the market, which is also known as Home Staging.

I give you some examples so that you can visually see the importance of what I am talking about. The examples are images that our eye captures very quickly and that they communicate a lot!

What do the photos of your apartment for sale communicate? The photo on the left tells us: “The second bedroom seems very small.” But the photo on the right tells us: “There are two beds in this bedroom here.”

What reaction does your house for sale provoke? The first photo tells us: “Ugh, this is a flat from my grandmother’s time.” The second photo communicates: What space does the entrance offer. They don’t make entance like that anymore! “

What do the photos of your new work communicate? The photo on the left can provoke this reaction: “Do they ask for this price for this house?” The photo on the right says: “Have you seen how beautiful this room is ?!”

It doesn’t matter if it is a brand new or renovated home, or an inherited home; The photos of your properties for sale or rent communicate many things and very quickly, through the eye. If you take care of the image you are publishing, you will provoke positive reactions, which will mean more interest from the target audience and more visits to that house. I don’t have to tell you what that means, you know; more visits means selling earlier, and therefore not having to lower the sale price. Interesting right?

Preparing a house before launching it on the real estate market helps to sell it up to 7 times faster, according to the Spanish Home Staging Association (AHSE). And the investment in this preparation is always less than the first drop in the sale price! A Home Staging professional helps you communicate the most positive message possible to attract many potential buyers.

Preparing a house for sale or rent well and having its photos communicate everything we want them to communicate can be the difference between selling or not selling

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