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Tips for a cool home without air conditioning

Posted by KHADI on June 18, 2021
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Habitissimo offers some tips, such as renovating windows, taking advantage of drafts or placing plants

Summer is coming, the first days of heat have already been felt and the worst is yet to come. It is time to think about how to protect our home from the rigors of the summer season. If you don’t have air conditioning, don’t worry too much, there are other ways to lower the temperature inside a few degrees and enjoy a slightly cooler house. Habitissimo offers the following tips.

The importance of windows
Windows are one of the weakest points in a house when it comes to thermal bridges. If they have double glazing or low-emissive glass, the thermal transmission with the outside will be much lower. Changing them is an outlay, but not only will it allow the house to be cooler in summer, it will also lower the heating bill in winter, so it is a possibility that should be taken into account.

And, putting this question aside, there is that little remedy that we all know and practice, which is none other than taking advantage of currents. If the sun beats down, it is best to have windows closed, blinds drawn, and awnings extended. When night comes, you have to do just the opposite because the air currents will help to slightly improve the thermal sensation at home.

Doors help too
They support the windows. During the day, the advice is to close the rooms that are not used to prevent the heat from spreading through the house. When night falls, any open door in the house will help generate those drafts that will lower the temperature inside. If they overlook a garden or terrace, much better, plants help, a lot, to refresh the environment.

The power of plants
We keep talking about plants. The advice is to always water them at night, since the water will take longer to evaporate and, as we said, that humidity will help make the environment less suffocating. But it is not the only way in which they can contribute to thermal comfort at home, placed on the facades in the form of a vertical garden, they serve as a parapet against the sun, improving insulation.

Appliances better at night
In this regard, the new hourly pricing of electricity can also help make the house cooler. The most economical section, the one at night, is perfect to put the appliances and not only to save money, but because the appliances emit heat. In this way, the dishwasher or the washing machine, much better when the sun goes down.

And another tip related to this question is to close the doors when these appliances are in operation. In this way, heat is prevented from spreading to other rooms in the house.

On the other hand, cooking is something that must be done during the day. In that case, the trick is to put the extractor in, whether it is missing or not. In addition to fumes and odors, it will take away some of the heat that is generated when cooking.

Bet on the LED
The LED has many advantages: it is very efficient, the bulbs have a very long life and, in addition, they can be very decorative. But when summer arrives they have an added advantage: they do not emit heat. One more reason, without a doubt, to dare to change the old lamps.

We couldn’t forget him: the fan
It is a much cheaper device than air conditioning, it consumes less and can lower the temperature a few degrees if it is used well. Turning it on when the windows are open helps distribute that cooler air that comes in through the windows. And, if you also put a bowl with ice in a point where the air flow reaches well, much better.

There are other gestures that also help to keep the house somewhat cooler even without air conditioning: changing textiles for lighter ones (such as linen or cotton), putting weatherstripping on doors and windows to prevent hot air from entering through the cracks or disconnect unused appliances (in stand-by they also generate heat, in addition to consuming energy). Thinking about putting these tips into practice?

Fuente : Idealista

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