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How to decorate the terraces and gardens this summer to be up to date

Posted by KHADI on June 11, 2021
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Make the most of your terrace or garden by choosing summer textiles or putting adequate lighting

The heat has arrived and with summer just around the corner it is time to make the most of the good weather and the hours of sunshine. Make the most of your terrace or garden by choosing summer textiles or putting adequate lighting to make these rooms pleasant places to enjoy the good weather.

To set up your terrace or garden and make the most of it, the experts at Vía Célere offer a series of tips that should be taken into account:

First of all, you must choose a style adapted to the outdoor space of the home. It is not convenient to overload the terrace with elements of different styles, since the taste will be lost. You have to decide if you want to go for a ‘chill out’ style, something more zen, or a more classic style.
Another very important point is the furniture. First you have to measure the available space, and from there select different pieces that suit it. It is advisable to choose complete sets, which include terrace tables and chairs and follow the same style. In addition, you should not choose very large furniture that takes up too much, especially on terraces where space is more limited.

The textiles will also help to get the right decoration. Tablecloths, cushions and even napkins will give a comfortable and pleasant touch to the space, providing style and freshness. Floral, sailor, striped, polka-dotted textiles… everything helps to achieve the ideal environment.
On the other hand, placing awnings, umbrellas or even pergolas if you have more space, especially in the garden, will help create shady spaces that will come in handy in the hot summer temperatures.
Plants, flowers and other plant elements are also essential on a terrace or garden to achieve freshness through cheerful and summery tones. The floral centers should be considered a priority, since they will set the lunches, dinners and meetings with family and friends who gather around the table.
If you have enough space, fountains are a great option to decorate the garden. They allow to generate a summery atmosphere and, in addition, they will refresh the space.
Finally, you cannot forget the lighting, which is one of the main keys to achieving the best atmosphere on summer nights. Lanterns, garlands, candles … Any option is good to achieve a festive and summery atmosphere, or if you prefer, warmer and more intimate.

With these recommendations, decorating the terrace or garden of the house will be an easier task and it will be possible to create the perfect environment to enjoy the good weather.

Fuente : Idealista

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