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Decoration ideas to overcome ‘Blue Monday’, the saddest day of the year

Posted by KHADI on January 22, 2021
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This 2021 has begun with the hangover experienced during 2020, starring the coronavirus pandemic, and to which the effects of the storm Filomena have been added for most Spaniards, with a week suffering the consequences of subsequent snowfall and frost. Right now, this January 18 comes the so-called ‘Blue Monday’, the saddest day of the year. To cope as well as possible, the experts at Houzz offer their best home décor ideas to fill our home with optimism and good energy now that we spend more time at home.

Forget superstitions and bet on yellow

It is a great ally when it comes to decorating the living areas of the house such as the living room, the dining room or the kitchen, since it contributes to transmit a happy and optimistic atmosphere at any time of the year and, in addition, it has been chosen one of the colors of the year 2021 by Pantone.

Yellow will help you get the warmth you need during the colder months, in spring it will shine and in summer it will give you that fun and cheerful brushstroke of color so appropriate to prepare for the holidays. However, being a very lively tone, yellow has to be used in a contained way. Even so, it is ideal to illuminate any environment and apparently encourages communication between people.

Make natural light flood your home

Natural light fights depression, increases creativity, brings joy and visual well-being. That is why the professionals at Houzz recommend that you take a visual look at your home and try to discover the points that obstruct the path of light. Choosing a good layout is key.

There is an increasing commitment to an open distribution so that the light is distributed evenly and to locate the so-called “day” areas, such as the kitchen, dining room and living room, in the same environment. In addition to gaining space for use, environments, previously isolated and dark, such as the kitchen, enjoy the same spatial, light and environmental conditions as the living room.

Order and you will be happier

With everything going on outside right now, keeping order at home will be a way to contribute to your mental order. It will give you a haven of peace and will make you feel stronger and more calm when facing the chaos of the world. Order is a state of mind, a state to return to when the way is not found. For example, if you feel disoriented and lost, cleaning the drawers and papers is the best way to put your mind in order. This will clarify your ideas and help you restart from a more controlled place.

Take time to disconnect

The need to find decoration solutions that allow us to create spaces to disconnect at home continues to grow among individuals and professionals. The truth is that a ‘chill-out’ space can become a perfect refuge to disconnect from daily stresses throughout the year. All you have to do is find a suitable area, be it outdoors, indoors or halfway through, and equip it to suit your tastes or needs. From a simple cushion to mats, through hammocks or couches, the only requirement is that it be soft and comfortable so that it allows you to disconnect from the outside noise.

Source : Idealista

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