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The decoration trends that will sweep this 2021

Posted by KHADI on February 1, 2021
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2021 is here and it has arrived with decorative trends ready to renew the style of our houses and also to adapt them to a new lifestyle. Now more than ever, for the experts at Habitissimo, the goal is for home to be a true oasis in which to enjoy in every way, but where you can also work.

How will we dress our homes in the coming months? These are some of those decorative trends that are already pushing.


The houses have become places of rest, leisure and also work. Surely we have never spent so much time in our home as in recent times. Therefore, the decorative trends for 2021 are committed to multifunctional spaces and furniture.

It makes room for an office or a small gym, but solutions are sought to isolate them from the rest of the house by means of screens, curtains or sliding panels. And versatile auxiliary furniture is also imposed that in a moment can serve, for example, as a dining table or desk, without losing sight of comfort.

Natural materials
They connect us with nature, are sustainable, relax us and bring warmth to our homes. We are talking about wood or cork, vegetable fibers such as wicker or rattan, fabrics such as cotton or linen and even stone in its most varied forms.

An awareness increasingly focused on the protection of the environment leads these materials to take center stage in the decoration. And they do it combined with others as diverse as concrete, microcement or steel.

A lot of art
It is nothing new that it is introduced in one way or another in our homes, but in 2021 it has its own name: Face Line Graphic Art. What is it? It is an artistic expression that represents faces in minimalist lines. It arose from graphic design and now it is transferred to prints, vases, cushions and a myriad of decorative elements.

A place for crafts

An important niche has been made in the decorative trends of this 2021. Everything that is handmade has a special value. Crafts represent those unique objects that, with their peculiarities and imperfections, will give personality to our homes. They can be clay or wicker objects, tapestries, basketry, rugs …

Sinuous shapes

Curved lines in furniture and accessories will give our homes a greater feeling of comfort and warmth. But the round shapes also bring a certain dynamism. We will see them in sofas and armchairs, in auxiliary furniture, in lamps or even on shelves. But not only in current designs, vintage pieces from half a century ago are making a comeback.

‘Japandi’ style

Who has not heard of this particular mix of Japanese and Scandinavian styles. In 2020 it was already a trend, and it will continue to be this year. It could not be otherwise, when it comes to a style capable of creating elegant, comfortable and very relaxing environments.

Neutral colors

White, gray or beige will be the dominant colors in decoration, mixed in different tones and textures. Thus, bright, cozy and warm rooms with a certain timeless air are sought. The notes of color, in the accessories.

Pantone 2021 colors: yellow and gray

We talk about gray again for a specific reason: if 2020 was the year of Classic Blue, 2021 is the year of Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. Or is it the same: the eternal gray and the most vibrant yellow. A combination that aims to convey strength, optimism, energy and hope. And this unique mix can give a lot of play in living rooms and bedrooms.

Lots of green

Plants should be an essential complement in our homes, according to the decorative trends that are imposed this year. Plants of all kinds to fill our houses with joy, vitality and freshness.

Glossy surfaces

We will see them not only in kitchen or bathroom furniture, but also in living rooms and bedrooms. To the most classic lacquered furniture, coatings or accessories in metals such as steel are incorporated.

These are just some of the decorative trends that will sweep this 2021. If you want to renovate your home and dress it up to the last minute, you already have a few ideas. Let’s do it!

Source : Idealista

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