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Ikea solutions to work in any type of home (even shared flats)

Posted by KHADI on January 15, 2021
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Creating a space for teleworking at home is easier than it sounds. The Nordic furniture giant has plenty of advice for those who need inspiration. Telecommuting has become a trend and is here to stay, despite the fact that our homes often seem unprepared for this change in habits.

With that in mind, Ikea, with its decorating tips, shows that nothing is impossible, and that you can create a space to work intelligently in any type of home, even shared flats.

The importance of walls

Often the home environment chosen for telecommuting is the living room, but there is not always a lot of space available. To get the most out of it, simply move the sofa away from the wall and, in the conquered space, create that work environment (but also for games and hobbies). A table on wheels ensures greater flexibility and everything you need to work is close at hand thanks to the shelves and furniture.

Even in a closet

You can also create a work environment inside a closet. A dynamic seat allows you to change positions frequently as you work and improve posture. With the right accessories, you can create a highly functional space, even in a small space. When you’re done working, close the doors and you’re done.

Table without legs

Using a shallow, legless shelf you can create a workspace in a small space on the wall or in the corner of a room. Complete it with a chair and some shelves, you will have everything you need close at hand.

Work corners

Working in the kitchen does not necessarily mean being a cook. Even in this area of ​​the house, you can create a space. A raised table is enough, which, among other things, also allows you to alternate your work position, standing a little or sitting. And when it comes to making dinner, simply scoop up the supplies in a cart and make room for the chef.

Optimize and rethink spaces

The spaces under the stairs, normally not used, can be transformed into a personal space dedicated to work, study or DIY. If they are decorated in style, they create an interesting point in the environment.

Source : Idealista

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