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How to renovate your house by changing only the doors

Posted by KHADI on June 2, 2023
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We assure you that with a change of doors, just like with a coat of paint, you will have the feeling of brand new home.

The budget does not allow you to change your home, but it does give you a new touch to your home… without this meaning getting involved in endless works. How about changing the doors? We assure you that, after the change, you will have the feeling of opening your home.

The budget for such a change will depend on factors such as the number of doors and also whether they are hollow or solid. Be careful: if your doors are in good condition, but you have grown tired of them, a totally valid option is also to paint them. Assess if your doors are okay (it’s a way besides recycling what you already have).

Hollow or solid doors. Logically, the fact that they are one way or another will affect the budget and as you can imagine, if you want a solid door, it will be more expensive (but it will also insulate you more from noise, for example). The white finish brings light to the spaces and they will seem larger to you (highly recommended in small apartments).

Of wood. The price will depend on the type of wood. If it is a veneered door, the base is a chipboard that is covered with a natural wood veneer. There are from 200 to 500 euros. You can find pine and fir doors for between 150 and 400 euros. Wooden doors usually give a lot of warmth to spaces and combine with everything. A piece of advice: try to choose light colors because the dark ones dwarf the spaces.

Watch out for the different elements. If it has glass, for example, something very common in kitchen doors, the price will become more expensive and will also depend on whether it has a single glass or several. The more crystals, the more expensive, logically. The advantage of glass doors is that they are very decorative and also allow light to pass through. But they are also dirtier (the fingers are more noticeable).

Sliding doors: do not discard them since they are ideal if you want to save space. They can be built-in or visible rail.

As the last element, whatever door you choose, add a suitable handle to the style. There are thousands, a huge variety: from the most modern to more classic styles. It is a matter of taste.

Source : Idealist