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How to decorate your house (and also the office) with vinyl

Posted by KHADI on May 19, 2023
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No, vinyls are not only for the home. We give you clues on how to use them both in the work environment and in your home.

They give another air to the walls of your house. There are super cool ones, the most fun. Others are more sober but in any case, vinyls are an almost basic element of decoration. If you thought you could only use them in your home, be disappointed: more and more companies are also daring to place vinyl in their offices. Without a doubt, they will give a more casual air to your spaces and in an advantageous way since they do not require reforms and are installed very easily.

Do you want to know what the trends are, how to use them and where you can put them and where not? “In recent years, wall vinyl has become a growing trend thanks to its power to completely change a space in an easy and affordable way,” say the experts at Workcenter, a group of communication services for companies, offering a wide variety of customizable adhesive vinyls to customize offices and points of sale. And they add: “In the case of an office or a commercial space, vinyl is not simply a decorative option, but also a powerful marketing tool to communicate the visual identity of a company.”

If you are going to place it at home, they recommend using the stickers to create striking color contrasts in the living room or using them to generate optical illusions and recreate borders and friezes on the wall with very elegant results. “Vinyl is also ideal for children’s rooms with drawings and personalized names, as well as being one of the cheapest options to renovate a tiled wall in the kitchen that we no longer like,” they explain. In fact, one of the rooms in the home where vinyl is used the most is the kitchen. There is a wide variety of vinyls that simulate hydraulic tiles and other materials such as wood and cement.

In the office, you can use vinyl with “attractive and eye-catching images of the products you sell or the services you offer. Vinyl in public spaces has great communicative power”, they clarify.

But, whether in one space or another, there are a number of things to take into account to place those vinyls well. Let’s go with it:

Not all surfaces are worth

Decals work only on smooth, flat surfaces. Gotelé and rough walls make it difficult to apply any mural or vinyl correctly.

watch out for bubbles

Before applying any vinyl, you must make sure that the surface in question is completely clean and free of dust. Never use products with ammonia for cleaning. To avoid bubbles when installing a vinyl, avoid taking off the transparent sheet in one go, removing it little by little while the adhesive sheet sticks to the wall.

outdoor vinyl

If we have a glass wall and we want to create more intimacy in the work space and provide visibility to the corporate image of a company, we will have to opt for a micro-perforated vinyl for exteriors, so that it can filter the light and not deprive the natural light environment.

And one last tip: never roll the vinyl before applying it. Keep it flat and avoid rolling it to make it easier to apply.

Source : Idealista