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Mistakes to avoid in decorating for the autumn-winter season

Posted by KHADI on November 18, 2022
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We can make some decorative mistakes that compromise the well-being of our home during this season. Here are some tips.

The cold is already making itself felt, which means that it is time to start preparing the house for the autumn-winter season, to spend it in the most comfortable way. But the truth is that, sometimes, we can make some decoration mistakes that compromise our well-being during this season, and that make our home less attractive.

In collaboration with specialists from the habitissimo platform, we advise you on decorative mistakes to avoid for the coming months.

Do not value the use of textiles
If you are looking for a way to adapt your home for the cold season without breaking the bank, then textiles are the right bet! Unfortunately, we still tend to devalue the role of things like curtains, rugs, blankets, and pillows.

But the truth is that they help protect us from the cold and transmit a feeling of warmth and comfort to the house. So swap out lightweight textiles for warmer textiles and you can instantly upgrade your home without doing a lot of work.

Do not think about the lighting in the house
Lighting helps set the tone for decorating a space, and when it’s not right, it can ruin the effect you wanted to give the room. For example, you may want to convey a feeling of warmth, but if you use cool colored lamps, this is unlikely to be the feeling you will ultimately achieve.

Try to follow the rule of using cool-colored lamps only in functional spaces, like the kitchen, and use warm colors in the rest of the house. He also bets, for example, on lamps to help create cozy corners that invite us to snuggle up in a blanket.

Choose non-functional items
Sometimes decorating trends dictate that you wear certain items simply because they’re in style. But are they the best option for your home? You can run the risk of investing money in something that you not only do not need, but that can compromise the functionality of your home.

Keeping up with trends can inspire your home, but you don’t really need to blindly follow them to get good results. Just think about what you need and what you like and try to combine the two.

Ignore visual comfort
It may happen that we think about physical comfort, but we do not remember visual comfort. After all, this is a concept that may be a bit foreign to some people. Visual comfort will make a room welcoming and attractive (or not).

Think in terms of color and textures, after all, any blanket will serve to keep you warm, but if the blanket is decorative and matches the rest of the room, it will be even more appropriate, because it will become eye-catching.

Source : Idealista