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They design a heated carpet to save on the electricity bill

Posted by KHADI on November 25, 2022
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Created by Natacha Poutoux and Sasha Hourcade, two designers with a Japanese influence, the Tracé rug is an invention that allows you to heat a specific space in the house, instead of an entire room, thus saving on your electricity bill. It should be noted that this gadget was years ago one of the finalists for the prestigious James Dyson awards. Tracé is a low consumption heating mat made with the Kvadrat textile, through an industrial embroidery process.

The objective of this invention is to heat only what is necessary and create heat zones in very specific points to optimize resources and not waste energy. The rug is inspired by the Japanese Kotatsu heating table, a piece of furniture that is placed in many houses in Japan where the temperature is low, but the feeling of comfort is high thanks to this table.

The reality is that in the Japanese country not all the rooms of the house are heated, but specific points of the property are chosen, especially where the largest number of members of a household are concentrated. Although the Kotatsu table can not only be found in private homes, but is also used in public places and spaces. By heating a small space, the body feels just as warm as heating the whole space, but energy is saved.

The designers explain that they have used an industrial embroidery process called Tailored Wire Placement to generate this concentrated heat effect. Specifically, what the rug hides is a copper-coated heating wire in a numerical control machine, which is then fixed to the support by means of embroidery. It is a technique that is also used in industries such as the automotive industry or healthcare. Thanks to this technique, up to 4 units can be manufactured in 10 hours, more than enough time to industrialize the process.

The designers believe that this rug is ideal for moments in which the person who is going to use it is still in the same place. For this reason, they are perfect for placing under the work desk or on the dining room table. A respectful idea with the environment and profitable for your pocket.

Source : Idealista