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April 23, book day: find out how to save them

Posted by KHADI on April 23, 2021
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New technologies have changed everything, also the way to enjoy a good read, now very common in electronic devices. However, the role has that charm that seduces the touch, the eye and the ear and which many are not willing to give up. The problem is that paper books take up a lot. What to do when space starts to be a problem? There are many possibilities. On the occasion of International Book Day, Habitissimo offers ideas for storing books at home.

A classic: bookcases and shelves

We start with the most obvious, those bookcases in the shape of furniture and very different sizes that can be put almost anywhere and that are very practical, but also sometimes somewhat simple and boring. They are perfect for the living room, although they can be placed in the study, in the bedroom and also, why not, in the office or kitchen.

As for the shelves, their great advantage is that with them you can take advantage of almost any gap. A very practical idea is to place flown shelves along those wasted corridors. They occupy very little and allow you to turn this area of ​​passage into a small library that will undoubtedly attract a lot of attention.

On doors and windows

When the lack of space is a really serious problem, there is no choice but to be original and practical. Doors and windows can be much more than elements of passage or to let in light.

The space between the door frame and the ceiling can be a good place to put shelves and put some books. But if it is not enough, a custom bookcase that “wraps” the entire door, sides and top, is an idea that can be materialized in any room. In addition, it can be very decorative, if the books are placed, for example, by colors.

And when it comes to windows, a low shelf with comfy cushions can be a good place not only to store some books, but to enjoy a good time reading.

A different headboard

A very original way to give a new look to the bedroom, to always have books on hand to read for a while before going to sleep and to keep them discreetly, is to transform the headboard into a small bookcase. It does not have any complications, it is enough to place a shelf at half height with several shelves instead of the old headboard. The good news is that changing the decoration will be as easy as renewing the books.

A well-used ladder

The holes under the stairs give a lot of play, but they are almost always covered. If you need space for your books, opening them is a good way to get it without stealing space from any room in the house. With plasterboard, this space can be transformed into one of the favorite places in the house if, in addition to custom shelves, you place a comfortable armchair next to it. Or, if you prefer, a study table is another great idea.

Books over here, books over there

A very simple possibility to place books at home is simply to turn them into decorative objects: a couple of books under the table lamp or in a wicker basket or a column of copies in a corner that seems bare (there are specific structures for this) are just a few ideas.

As you can see, there are many ways to integrate books into the decoration and place them in spaces that you may not have thought of. You will be able to have them organized and always at hand and, in addition, they will give your home that image of warmth that only they can provide. Happy reading!

Source : Idealista

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