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How to hang pictures on the wall without making holes (and without dying trying)

Posted by KHADI on April 16, 2021
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But nothing happens, not all of us are virtuous in everything and that is how it is in your case (and in that of a servant): we are denied when it comes to manual work. You change a light bulb and unscrew a toy, but they don’t ask you for more… Right? That is why you have had those wonderful paintings and photos with your friends or children for a long time poking themselves, or on the floor of the room or hidden in the closet, waiting for better times in which they can show off, as they deserve, hanging on Wall.

The very idea of ​​thinking about a drill and handling it makes you dizzy but fear not, there are solutions for hanging pictures on the wall (unless they are the size of the Guernica, of course) without the need to drill holes. You do not believe it? Keep reading and you will see.

Blue Tack: marketed and manufactured by Bostik, it is an adhesive blue putty, which is also reusable. It is used to fix light objects on smooth surfaces (the smooth is important, because if you have gotelé it will be more difficult). If you have to remove it, you should know that on porous surfaces it can leave stains that often go with stain remover, but not always. So keep that in mind.

Easy to hang: surely you know them, these are hook fasteners that do not need to make a hole (and they are surely one of the best-selling items in hardware stores). There are those that come in different shapes and sizes. They have to be nailed to the wall but since the pegs are very small, when they are removed they do not leave visible marks. The strongest hook can support up to five kilos of weight. They can be used on wooden walls, concrete and also in cabinets.

Frame fixer : they are from the Fischer brand and are especially indicated for plasterboard, wood and plasterboard walls. They are installed without tools thanks to its two sharp points that are attached to the wall. They can resist weights of up to 8 kilos. If you intertwine two hooks you can hang heavier things, up to 16.

Double-sided Velcro: it is a great option for small paintings, photographs, frames, decorations … as long as they are not too heavy. It does not leave marks and you can remove it and put it where you want.

There are also double-sided adhesive tapes. For example, the Pattex brand markets one that can be used on tiles, woods, metals, plastics, and marble. It is extra strong, the roll measures 1.5 meters and is resistant to water and even to the elements (that is, you can use it on the terrace).

Adjustable adhesive nails: the Tesa brand sells some specially designed for plaster walls as well as for painted walls. They are removed without a trace and are also reusable. Each unit can support a kilo of weight.

And if the walls are already full or you simply like them without anything, have you considered the possibility of leaving those paintings resting on shelves, shelves or even on the floor? Large paintings and mirrors sit wonderfully well on the floor. Try and see.

Fuente : Idealista

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