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The new fashion trends at home for this Christmas

Posted by KHADI on November 27, 2020
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This Christmas will certainly be out of the ordinary. Even without knowing if we will be able to be with our families, we all want to live this moment in a special way. From the Westwing decoration and furniture portal, they present us the Christmas trends for decoration, ornaments, materials and textiles that will be more fashionable this Christmas 2020.

Colors: copper red, bronze, merlot and sand

Comfort is especially important this year. The colors will be more muted, attractive, natural and especially warm this winter. These trendy colors come in warm hues for the cold winter months: copper red, bronze, merlot, and sand.

In combination with natural materials, these colors create a cozy atmosphere in which we can feel very comfortable throughout the winter.

Natural colors and earth colors can be found in cushions and blankets, but also in Christmas decorations, Christmas tree decorations, and winter decorations. So you can create an oasis of comfort at home by replacing and updating individual color accents.

Vintage style

The mix of styles is in fashion, so if you mix shapes and colors to create a vintage style and you will thus be able to give more energy and color to the Christmas decoration.

The objective of this type of decoration is to make the room a cozy place that integrates timeless accessories. Combine the glass and wood and insert the tartan.

We can turn to old Christmas decorations that we had forgotten at home or even go to an antique market. Bet on using special objects that you have at home from trips that you have made, or gifts from your grandparents such as the typical porcelain figurines with winter scenes, or the famous snow crystal ball with forest animals or with a city inside.

Add a wreath to your door or even decorate it with sparkly decorations, woven balls, glass or paper. Integrate nutcrackers in your decoration this year by adding them to your Christmas tree, on the table or in any corner of the house.

Scandinavian style

The typical Scandinavian interior is minimalist and modern. Think of a clean design and basic shapes combined with natural materials such as wood, leather or wool. Scandinavians like it simple but cozy and at the same time sustainable. Use natural materials and make yourself comfortable.

As winter nights are especially long in Scandinavia, candles and lights are an important decorative element at Christmas time. An appropriate example: Ljusstake is a typical pyramid-shaped candle holder. Small rotating lights with figures of angels or flying reindeer that rotate are also a must for Scandinavian Christmas.

And, of course, Christmas stars, whether in plain or more vivid colors, cannot be missing in the decoration of Scandinavian windows. Hang these types of stars not only in the window, but throughout the apartment – on the door, as a wall decoration, above the fireplace or hanging from the ceiling.

Natural and cozy materials

For maximum comfort this winter, look for soft materials and anything that’s fluffy and furry. Throughout the winter months, your home will become a true refuge. Perfect for relaxing, laying down, snuggling and warming up. “Fluffy” furs, soft wool, as well as endless blankets and pillows to sink into provide the “cozy” effect.

Natural materials are very popular this winter and also fit perfectly with the cozy style. Create a harmonious picture with furniture and decoration made of wood or rattan, but also natural stone, copper and cork, as well as cotton, wool, felt or linen textiles.

When it comes to decorating your Christmas tree, you can also use natural materials such as straw or wood. Or you can even add a natural touch by adding pineapple or walnuts for decoration.

One eye-catching item this winter is the bronze snowflake ornaments. With handmade paper stars in aubergine or brown hues, you can easily give your tree a trend update.

Rustic style

The rustic style can also be found in the city, away from the mountains. What you need to create the atmosphere of a luxurious cabin: lots of wood, fur and, in the best case, a fireplace.

If you don’t have wooden floors in your home, then add rustic accents with wooden furniture. As for the skins, you don’t have to wear real skins and you certainly don’t have to hang horns on the wall. Wear fake fur and spread fur pillows and blankets around the room. And instead of a fireplace you can place large lanterns on the ground. Thanks to the candlelight, which cast a warm light in the room and shadows on the wall, you will feel like in a cabin. Other rustic elements that you can incorporate are checkered patterns, chandeliers, edelweiss motifs or a large and striking leather armchair.

Glam style

The glam style is characterized by its star fabric, velvet, gold tones, crystal and flowers. This decoration trend will give your home a chic and sophisticated look this Christmas as well as a lot of warmth.

Upgrade your sofa or armchairs for velvet ones, or simply fill your home with velvet, sequin or fringed cushions. Choose golden tones in all kinds of Christmas decorations, both for the Christmas tree and for the decoration of the table. For the glam look, add mirrors to the walls and use glass vases and trays for elegance. Complete the look with winter plants and flowers, and don’t forget to choose adequate lighting with candles or small crystal lamps and lamps with metal feet.

Classic style

Even in 2020, the classic style of Christmas decoration will continue to be present in our homes. To achieve this look, choose a classic color palette: red, green and gold are the star colors of this style. We can find them in the ornaments of the tree, but also in the decoration of the table.

Another detail of the classic or traditional style is the Nativity. Add to your decoration a complete nativity scene, or simply the figures of the birth. Candles, bows, garlands – no detail should be overlooked, and the house will be filled with the festive atmosphere thanks to all the traditional decorative elements.

Essential accessories

Precisely these motifs are now found almost everywhere: Christmas trees on bedding, deer on tablecloth, a funny Christmas saying on pillows and snowflakes on towels.

Endless blankets: this Christmas, the more blankets the better. Combine styles, fabrics and sizes to create an atmosphere of tranquility.

Decorations for all tastes: Elegant classics are back this year, like the large burgundy-red Christmas baubles, or the striking velvet bows in warm earth tones. But also the trend of unconventional ornaments takes center stage. Animals such as deer or reindeer, but also tigers or elephants to give an exotic touch to the decoration. To these decorations are added dried fruits, and cinnamon sticks, as well as pineapples, apples and walnuts.

Because especially at the holiday season, you can have a little more of everything: more prints, more decorations, more lights, more Christmas balls.

A sustainable Christmas

A trend that will gain more strength this year is sustainable Christmas. The goal is to consume less, as well as recycle and reuse. We gave up the luxurious ornaments that were in fashion a few years ago and this year we give Christmas a meaning, thinking about our future and the environment.

If you organize a Christmas party, ditch the disposable and avoid buying containers made with a lot of plastic as much as possible. Choose handmade gifts and reuse the wrapping paper for other things, for example, to cover old balls on the tree.

In addition to the classic poinsettia, take advantage of other winter plants like holly, violets, and winter heather to give your apartment a greener touch.

Give experiences instead of objects. A sustainable method that does not create waste, does not accumulate at home, you can share it with your loved ones and it remains a precious memory.

Source : Idealista

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