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Small Home Repairs: Tips for Painting and Lacquering Doors

Posted by KHADI on December 9, 2020
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We are not aware that sometimes, with a small change, it seems that we have changed houses. Be it the color of the walls or the doors, you can get a completely different look. Today we will talk about the doors and retouching the ones you already have. They can do it directly at home (it will take a little longer) or they can take them to the workshop. In any case, these are the steps to take.

If the doors have any type of damage, the most common if they are the ones that were originally placed and you have been using them for a while, they will have to be repaired before painting or lacquering. Depending on the damage, the repair can cost between 20 and 80 euros.

Lacquering: lacquering them involves sanding (which makes subsequent products grip more easily), applying a coat of primer and later, two coats of lacquer, allowing drying time between them. Finally, it is given a matte or gloss finish. The result will be a door with a smooth surface without imperfections. As new.
Painting them: it is a simpler process than the previous one, although the final finish is rougher and less shiny. It is a job that can be done perfectly at home. You have to sand the door, give it a coat of primer and then a synthetic enamel that can be applied with a brush, roller (it is the most common) or spray.
Be careful, if the door has moldings, the price of one process or another increases. It will also be more expensive if the door has glass.

But imagine that the doors are already badly damaged and that it is almost more expensive to fix them than to put new ones. Then there is no other option, you have to buy them. Which ones to choose?

If you opt for white doors, you have to take into account that they will give a greater feeling of spaciousness to your house and also, greater luminosity. In addition, they give an image of youth to any house … Of course, get used to the idea that any rub, scratch or bump will be much more visible than in those of wood color. And besides, they are dirtier.

If you choose the ones with a wood finish, they provide warmth and combined with glass, they will also give clarity. Of course, it is better to choose them in light tones (oak, pine) because the darker ones (elm, for example) can dwarf the spaces and give a greater feeling of sadness.
What if they are glass? They will give light and spaciousness to the rooms and, also, you have them in many colors. The glass is usually tempered glass, a safety glass that tolerates shocks well, but if you have children at home, it may be better to avoid them when they are small.
As for the interior of the doors, you can choose solid wood doors or hollow ones. The former are more robust, they are the ones that better insulate and resist shocks well. The holes have inside a honeycomb-type cardboard structure that is covered with a MDF sheet. They are usually much cheaper than solid ones, yes.

Source : Idealista

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