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6 secrets about kitchen renovations, what real estate agents know!

Posted by María José Capdepón on January 31, 2019
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So you’re finally ready to renovate your outdated kitchen, but you’re not sure what improvements will be seen with better eyes by your potential buyers when the time comes to sell. Most experienced real estate agents will tell you that the kitchen can make or break a purchase agreement, because buyers know they will spend all their time in the kitchen!

The vast majority of people are inclined to light and bright kitchens, and although there are many fun options for personalization and colors in a remodeling, we must bear in mind that “a neutral palate is always a safe call”. Of course, it’s not that simple! While buyers often anticipate “making minor adjustments,” some specific design choices have great selling power, or will simply make the space “show up much better.” From countertops and cabinets to lighting and appliances, we have the winning formula for a kitchen renovation that will vibrate the most!


Dark granite is considered acceptable, but marble is really an indicator of a new and remodeled kitchen. Although marble requires maintenance and is vulnerable to stains, buyers love its lightness and luxurious appearance. Undoubtedly, another popular material that is light in tone, but of less maintenance and more economical. This can be a great advantage for families looking for a child-proof durable kitchen. Tiles with a lot of color or marble with strong streaks are “very particular for someone’s taste, and could be a detour for the average buyer”. Blogger Julie Blanner Analyzes the risks and benefits of marble countertops and the type of marble she ultimately chose.

1. Cabinets

Lighter cabinets are always the most popular, although dark cabinets may be suitable for a one-bedroom apartment that could be marketed as a bachelor platform. Keep in mind, however, that this may limit the attractiveness for other types of buyers. Another trend of the cabinet are the appliances with panels that combine with the cabinets that surround them. This style creates a “home feeling” or, in some cases, a more elegant appearance that appeals to many current buyers.

2. Accessories

If you have chosen not to use the applied panels, we recommend “adhering to stainless steel or anything that looks like it.” When it comes to household appliances, labels matter to buyers, and recognized brands count. A tip: “Stay away from the dishwasher drawer, a major trend in recent years that has been largely disappearing, because they take up more space and do not seem to work as well.” On the market a Bosch washer / dryer near the kitchen and a garbage disposal are “like a gold mine” for customers.

3. Lighting

According to the empirical rule “brighter is better”, do not discard the power of good lighting. Many of the kitchens are small and located at the back of the building, and the recreational lighting and lighting under the cabinet make a big difference. When it comes to decorative accessories, such as pendants, appliqués and flush mounts, we can cite the Visual Comfort brand as a brand that delights buyers.

4. Gadgets

Of course, buyers like tricks and cooking gadgets, and especially in houses where they lack space. Things like shallow spice boxes, hidden drawers or trash bins on the counter are excellent add-ons, but they probably will not seal the buy-sell agreement.

5. Open floor plans

When it comes to negotiations it should be stressed that an open floor plan is at the top of everyone’s list. The kitchens have become a meeting place for all kinds of entertainments, dinners and tasks, while the formal dining rooms have been left on the road. It is very common to see customers “open the kitchen to incorporate the dining room”. While this is a more serious project, an open kitchen is a critical point of sale and an investment that will surely get a return on the market.

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