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How to prepare your house to have a cat

Posted by KHADI on September 3, 2021
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Our home is not always ready to receive a pet. There are care with safety and comfort that must be taken into account to ensure the welfare of the animal. If you are thinking of adopting a cat, for example, it is important that you make some changes to receive the new member of the family. In collaboration with the Habitissimo portal, we leave you some tips on how to prepare the house to have a cat.

Make the house safer

Before the arrival of your new pet, be sure to cover access to potentially dangerous places, such as those that a cat can pass but not a human. Check that the doors and windows are well secured and that the cat cannot open them, to avoid accidents. Finally, cover electrical cords and plugs, as well as hide medicines, cleaning products, and objects that can be chewed, such as books.

Create a space just for him

Creating a space just for your cat can help a lot with adaptation, during the first days, and facilitates the whole process. This is the place where your cat will feel safest, so you should be prepared when you pick up your new companion. Put the bed, toys and a bowl of fresh water at his disposal, so that the cat gets used to the new home.

Definir los lugares de la casa a los que puede acceder

Some people like and prefer their cat to walk freely around the house, but you may not want it to go to certain places. Define from the beginning which are the places that the cat cannot access and block access to these places, closing doors and windows and making it clear to the whole family that these spaces must always be closed. The cat will adapt quickly and will not even notice that it cannot access certain places.

Prepare the garden

If you have a garden and your cat is going to have access to it, you should pay more attention. Cats are very agile and can escape through the smallest place, so before letting them access the outside, check all the spaces through which they can escape and cover them. If you have enough space, you can create a special area for the cat, so that it can enjoy the outdoors without the slightest possibility of escaping.

Source : Idealista

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