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Buying a flat with or without furniture: what is better and how much does it cost to furnish

Posted by KHADI on September 9, 2022
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When we buy a house we always want to give it a totally personal touch. But many times, if it is bought already furnished, we can save a good part of money. The truth is that this depends on various factors: on our needs, if we like the furniture in the house, if the owner makes a good offer for it, they are in good condition and they are to our liking.

How much does it cost to furnish a home?
According to Toni Expósito, CEO of Compracasa, this depends on many factors such as the size of the home, the quality and age of the furniture, or whether or not there is a professional to help with the arrangement of the furniture and decoration.

“You also have to take into account whether custom furniture is needed (something more appropriate for large families that may need special furniture such as bunk beds) or not, or if the buyer has furniture that can be reused in the new home.”

When it comes to making numbers, the expert comments that the cost depends not only on the size of the house, but also on the quality of the furniture. “Although we can take as a reference that, in general, furnishing a complete apartment of about 70 square meters usually has an average cost of about 15,000 euros. And if we talk about a flat of about 100 square meters, the average usually goes up to 20,000 euros. Of course, this is a very approximate figure, which will vary greatly depending on the quality and age of the chosen furniture”.

For the expert, it is not the same price to furnish the different rooms of the house. For example, the kitchen usually accounts for most of the budget, with an average of 5,000 euros, and it is the place that almost always needs some reform, since the furniture is made to measure and the appliances make the price quite expensive.

He also talks about the bathrooms: “which usually have cheaper furnishings (between 500 and 1,500 euros), as they are normally a smaller room with fewer furniture needs.” And in the middle of the way we would find the bedrooms, with an approximate price of 2,000 euros, which can go up in the double room, since they are usually larger and have more needs, according to the expert.

Is it worth buying a furnished home?
If there is an extra expense to be made, in addition to the purchase of the house, the mortgage, the fixed expenses, those of the community and others, then many people may believe that it is better to buy a furnished apartment.

For Expósito, this issue also depends on the purchasing power of the buyer and their needs and expectations regarding the home. “You have to take into account, for example, that being in a house with furniture that the buyer has not chosen can cause the buyer to end up feeling that the house is not as “personal” as one would like, especially if the included furniture is not to the liking”. In addition, if the buyer already has their own furniture, it can be a problem due to excessive furniture.

Advantages of buying a furnished home
On the one hand, it is a lower financial outlay, since furnishing from scratch has a higher cost.

While one can move into the house from the moment it is purchased, especially if the furniture and appliances are in good shape.

With the furnished home, we save on moving, which is always a hassle, time, stress, headaches and money. Although it is understandable that certain furniture is transported, especially if it is a home in which we are going to live most of the time. Something different is the second residence in which there is no need to move if it is already furnished.

If you don’t like the furniture in the house, you can always sell it, since it is now under your ownership and you also get extra money.

Disadvantages of acquiring it with furniture
They can be furniture that you do not like or that, since you have not chosen, then you do not feel the house as yours. The ideal in a home is for it to be personal and for each one to choose how they want it to be in order to feel better and in well-being.

If you already have furniture in the previous house, then keeping all of it will not be possible, because they will not fit and you will have to make decisions.

Source : Idealista