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Six infallible ideas to decorate small bathrooms

Posted by KHADI on August 20, 2021
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Well decorated bathrooms are more pleasant and welcoming. But it is a mistake to think that it is only possible to carry out good decoration projects in large spaces. Small bathrooms can be a big challenge, however there are plenty of great ideas for gaining square footage without sacrificing style.

In collaboration with Habitissimo, we leave you 6 infallible tips for decorating small bathrooms. There are details that really make a difference.

Bet on lighting

A good lighting project helps create a greater sense of spaciousness in the bathroom, so lighting should be especially well thought out in a small bathroom. Place points of light in specific places, such as in the mirror area, and invest in good ceiling lighting, so there are no dark areas in the bathrooom

Create organization

Go a bit beyond traditional bathroom furniture. You may think that less is more in a small space, but it is important that you create places for storage, so that you can have things well organized. Thus, and to have more space, bet on shelves or shelves where to place some items and also decorative objects.

Choose glossy finishes

Glossy or satin finishes are great for reflecting light, so go for this type if you can. A well-lit bathroom gives a feeling of spaciousness, making the space less “suffocating”. You do not have to choose everything with this finish, you can balance the decoration by choosing wooden details.

Add a touch of color to the bathroom

White is used very often in bathrooms, and there is no better color to make a space more spacious and bright, which is what you want in a small room. But you don’t have to just stick with white; Mix it with another color of your liking, preferably a brighter color, such as yellow, green or blue. You can use that color on one of the walls or just in small details.

Use mirrors to your advantage

Continuing with the commitment to lighting and the creation of visual amplitude, we come to mirrors, which can be a great ally in this mission. A mirror is not only useful, but it also reflects light, illuminating the space. Choose a mirror of the format you want and that adapts to the decoration you already have, and take advantage of its reflective properties to make the small bathroom larger.

Attention to details

Candles, plants and other decorative details always look great in a bathroom, be it small or large. But in the case of the former, you have to be careful and not overload the space with these elements. Choose few decorative objects and place them proportionally in the space, so as not to diminish the effect of visual amplitude created in the previous steps.

Source : Idealista

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