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Color psychology: what are the best colors to sell your house first

Posted by KHADI on July 23, 2021
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Color is a very important factor when preparing a home to sell. The first impression can make the prospective buyer fall in love as soon as they see it, or just the opposite. And it is that colors have a huge influence on our subconscious, they are capable of generating all kinds of emotions, both positive and negative.

Therefore, the first advice that the experts at Habittisimo offer is to avoid personal tastes or fashions. Deep blue may seem wonderful to us for the headboard wall in the bedroom, but it doesn’t have to be the same for everyone.

When it comes to seducing the largest possible number of buyers, the psychology of color tells us that you should always opt for neutral tones. Why? Because they are the ones that generate the least rejection and because anyone can imagine a home to their liking with something as simple as a few touches of color in furniture or textiles.

The best color to sell a house? the white color

White, although at first glance it may seem bland, has an enormous influence on the purchase decision. First of all, because it is a color that conveys cleanliness and hygiene.

Second, it is a color that reflects light, and luminosity is another psychological factor that can tip the balance towards buying.

Third, the target manages to “fool the eye.” It makes rooms seem more spacious, an aspect that must be taken care of when we talk about small houses.

And finally, it is a color that lets your imagination run wild to give your rooms personality. It is very easy to come up with all kinds of styles and decoration when the walls are like a canvas.

Alternatives to white

If you prefer to avoid white, any color within the neutral palette will be a good alternative, as long as you choose light tones. The grays also provide luminosity, in addition to a more sophisticated style and combine very well with other colors. They are, therefore, a good option for the living room or hallways.

Beiges, ivory and soft browns, meanwhile, give a touch of elegance and warmth. They are colors that invite calm and relaxation, therefore, they are perfect both for living and meeting areas and, above all, for bedrooms.

Obviously, white can be mixed with any of these colors. The effect of spaciousness and luminosity will not be lost and the house will offer a more suggestive image in the eyes of potential buyers.

Should we give up other colors?

Neutral colors are the most recommended. However, you can alternatively opt for a white with soft blue reflections, a color that is related to confidence and tranquility; or in a very light green, which invites peace and serenity. A small tint will be enough to “break” the white if you find it too bland.

What you should avoid at all costs are too dark colors because they are the ones that can have the most negative psychological impact. You just have to imagine how we dress according to our mood and make the similarity. And too bright colors are not recommended.

In short, think that it is about painting the house to please as many people as possible and that their tastes can be very different. For this reason, it is convenient to forget about fanfare and fashions and opt for what always works: the most basic.

Source : Idealista

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