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A gym, an office or the sofa: how to adapt your home to the ‘new normal’

Posted by KHADI on March 12, 2021
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At the beginning of March 2020 none of us thought that his house was going to become the only space that he would visit for two long months. The walls were on us and we got tired of all its corners. We are in March 2021 and the situation has not changed excessively and the new normal has brought with it a new way of seeing the flats in which we live. They are no longer simple places to go after work, but it is where we spend the most hours a day. We explain how you can turn parts of your home into an office, a gym or a cozy dining room with some tips.

The most repeated word this year, in addition to a mask, has been teleworking. And we have had to learn to work from home. Thus, many houses have had to be converted into offices, for which the space must be planned if we want to avoid interference in concentration, efficiency and comfort.

First of all, it is essential to know the hours in which you are going to work and to use the computer to try to get the most out of natural light.

Regarding thermal comfort, it should be remembered that the perfect temperature ranges between 19º and 23º, which allows you to work at ease and save on the bill. In this sense, it is also important that the windows are properly sealed in order to avoid leaks.

Regarding lighting comfort, the desk must be close to some point of natural light. The North and South orientations are ideal, since they have indirect light throughout the day. However, to work with the computer it is best to be in front of the light to avoid glare.

Silence is essential to concentrate. And in this sense, the quality of the windows is very important, as well as ensuring that they are properly installed. To mitigate the noise from neighbors, a good insulation in the walls can be a good option if you are considering a future renovation, as well as a floating floor and / or false ceiling for the neighbors above and below.

It must be remembered that textiles absorb noise, when decorating common areas, also preventing echoes and noises from being generated in other rooms. Many noises come from the bathroom, but they are usually easy to minimize; for example, insulating pipes to mitigate downspouts.

A home gym

What many Spaniards did when they left work was go to the gym. And since we have adopted teleworking as something of the most daily, we can also set up a small gym at home to break with the home routine but continue with our routine of physical and mental well-being.

And how to do it? You ask. For example, with the water bottles and the backpack you can perform any exercise that you would do with dumbbells, such as triceps kick, or dumbbell row. With the chair you can train your leg up and down it, with a Bulgarian squat … And it also helps us to train the arm, for example with triceps dips. While with a table you can do push-ups with your hands resting on it, for example.

A towel can double as a makeshift mat, but it can also be used for training when you need your feet to slide. A very good exercise is the climber with one foot on each towel. And it can also be used to work the abdomen: in a roll out, the towel would replace the abdominal wheel ”, says the coach.

If in the end you decide, this would be the way to start a workout at home: do strength training for two weeks and then include cardio, since studies show that the combination of both types of workouts is very effective in losing weight. body fat. Of course, it is very important to combine it with a balanced diet.

Change the ‘look’ to your home

Once you have controlled your work area and your exercise area, you have to give a review of the decoration of the house. If until now in many homes “beauty prevailed over practicality”, the quarantine has taught us to look for functionality before style.

This is a maxim that has become more relevant during confinement. After almost two months of a state of alarm, many families have realized that their home is not as functional as they thought. Therefore, utility must always prevail over style.

And this trend is not only restricted to small homes, but should also be applied in more spacious homes, where the decorative trend is directed towards simplicity and the functional aspect of furniture.

As for the colors that we will use to decorate from now on, neutral tones will be the kings of the house. You should try to furnish the home with simple furniture, neutral in style and, if possible, modular. Thus, they can be periodically adapted and personalized. For this, it is best to use multifunctional furniture that offers versatility and flexibility and limit the decoration to a minimum, allowing the tenant or buyer to personalize it according to their own style and needs.

As for our walls, decorated or strident wallpapers are no longer a trend. Now the stone, brick or wood walls give the spaces a touch of modernity that makes them unique.

It is also interesting to mix different materials in floors, walls, furniture and details such as, for example, kitchens with concrete floors and dark, almost black colors on the walls.

Finally, one of the novelties that has been installed in our homes has been home automation, and it is that during the confinement we had time to understand how it worked. We already see electric fireplaces, furniture that includes plugs to charge devices, wireless chargers, lamps and smart bulbs that can be controlled from the mobile or with voice commands and much more. And it is clear that 2020, with the permission of the covid-19, has been an important year in terms of the arrival of new technological advances for the home.

Source : Idealista

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