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What should you look for when choosing the perfect mirror for the bathroom

Posted by KHADI on March 5, 2021
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Mirror, mirror … don’t you look at yourself every day, some more and others less? Sure, we go through the bathroom several times and, in case you have to leave the house, the time in front of the mirror is longer. Hence, it is important not only which mirror you have but where you put it in the bathroom and also what type of lighting you use.

We spoke with the experts of the Laufen brand to find out what you should look for when buying your bathroom mirror and this is what they recommend us.

“One of the first points to take into account is aesthetics, since choosing a mirror according to the design of our taste will make us feel comfortable. However, we must not forget that the perfect measure for the bathroom will be marked by the sink we have chosen. Finding the harmony in the proportionality of both products will guarantee us the right choice ”, they say in Laufen.

That is, first advice: buy it in line with the sink so that it is neither huge nor dwarfed.

Another element to consider: lighting. Light plays a key role when choosing a mirror for the bathroom given its importance when making use of this space. “We wanted to enhance the effect by creating the Leelo collection with integrated LED light, which adds comfort to our day to day since this light, in addition to being dimmable, can be independent of ambient light, which also favors electricity savings” .

Once we are clear about the type of mirror and that light is very important, especially when many bathrooms do not have exterior light, we now go to the place where you should place it, which, as you may have imagined, is above the sink: The mirror in this space is normally linked to the rest of the accessories found in the bathroom and these are stored in the washbasin cabinet. Likewise, the versatility of the bathroom mirror is wide, so it is always advisable to have mirrors with a color rendering that is as faithful as possible as well as a perimeter light that will bring light to the environment ”, they clarify in the firm.

But let’s go back to the subject of light, which lights are the most suitable and which ones should we flee? “Light has been increasing its importance and, today, many of the mirrors that are sold in the market have built-in LED light. When deciding the color temperature of the lighting, the ideal is to avoid specific lights because they prevent us from seeing, they blind us, therefore, it is recommended to be soft and satin lights with a color temperature of 4,000º Kelvin for those aimed at the face. As for the counter and ambient lights, the ideal is to have a dimmer switch in order to achieve a temperature of around 6,000º Kelvin ”, they confirm.

The mirrors of this brand, for example, have touch sensors with which you can turn it on and off, regulate the intensity, as well as the color temperature.

Source : Idealista

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