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Bath screens: what types are there and which is the most suitable for your home

Posted by KHADI on January 8, 2021
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When choosing a screen you must consider several things such as the size and shape of the plate and the space around you. For example, if you have little space, it is better to choose, as the type of opening, a fixed panel or a sliding screen.

There are several models that save space:

Folding: for showers with space in front. With opening inwards and outwards they are more comfortable.

Slides: they are ideal for very small bathrooms. Try to choose, yes, double bearings because they are more resistant.

Folding: they take up very little and leave more space to enter the shower than the previous ones.

Curved: they are placed on curved shower trays.

In corner: they are recommended for square plates, they are more current than curved ones but they take up more space.

In small bathrooms, the corners can be used with a semicircular screen. To give a greater feeling of spaciousness, you can also use extra-flat shower trays. In addition, the white or beige tones in the taps, profiles and details will enhance the sensation of light and, by extension, of space. Another tip: do not overload the bathroom environment with unnecessary furniture: in decoration, less is more.

Once you are clear about the screen model that best suits what you need, let’s go with the materials. Which is better for you, glass or acrylic? The tempered glass is more functional and resistant but nevertheless, the transparent one makes the bathroom seem bigger than it is. The serigraphs for their part, provide privacy. And another tip that gives a greater feeling of spaciousness: the walk-in showers, with screens that go from floor to ceiling. In addition, they are fashionable.

As for the profiles, the aluminum ones are solid and light.

And a tip to always keep them as new and also unpolluted: there are screens with anti-scale treatment that covers the pore of the glass. To clean these screens you will need a scraper every time you use the shower.

It is true that it is difficult to keep the partitions clean every day. The most recommended products for cleaning are a brush or scourer and bleach with detergent or ammonia. Some experts recommend simply cleaning with mild soap.

Plastic ones tend to get dirty more quickly than glass ones and the best to clean is a mixture of ammonia, alcohol and water. You mix them, you put them in a spray and you spray the surface and the lower and upper rails. Afterwards, clean and finally, wipe with a dry cloth. Don’t forget to clean the silicone on the rails as well: this will prevent fungus from appearing.

For glass partitions, vinegar is the most advisable: it is a powerful cleaner and disinfectant. Dissolve it in hot water, apply it as a spray on the screen and leave it for about ten minutes. Finally, wipe with a damp cloth and you will see that the stains will have disappeared as if by magic.

If you see that the screen has a lot of lime stains, you can mix hot water with vinegar and baking soda. Apply it on the screen and let it act for at least 20 minutes. Remove the mixture with a damp cloth, and to finish, wipe with a dry cloth.

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