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Basic tips to decorate your house for Halloween

Posted by KHADI on October 23, 2020
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The most terrifyingly fun date of the year is approaching and it is the perfect time to let your imagination fly and decorate the house as Halloween night deserves. You don’t have to spend a lot, what’s more, you can even encourage the little ones in the house to do their bit and design part of the decoration. Looking for ideas? In habitissimo they offer the most terrifying advice of the moment

Pumpkins, essential

There can be no Halloween night without pumpkins as true decoration queens. What can be done? From drawing diabolical faces on them to emptying them and placing candles inside to shape ghostly lamps.

If you don’t have time or you don’t feel like it, you can always choose several different sized pumpkins and place them around the house or make a kind of still life with them.

Ghosts, skulls and other monstrous beings

Almost anything goes to create a dark atmosphere at home. A welcoming skeleton can be perfect. A skull here or there, some bats, ghosts or little witches that your children can make with cardboard will help the house become a little passage of terror.

If you decorate it with some felt chandeliers or some cobwebs hanging from furniture and lamps the effect will be spooky!

The definitive touch

We now go to something very important: lighting. What can you do? The first thing, lower it. It is as simple as covering the lamps with dark scarves, if they are black, all the better. You can also create a backlight effect with one of the ornaments that we explained above.

Do you have a candle holder or candle holder at home? If so, don’t hesitate, turn them on. And one more tip: use strips of led lights in violet or orange colors half hidden behind furniture or in moldings, you will see what a spectacular effect!

Do you have guests?

Also the table can be dressed up on Halloween night. If you have guests, you can always surprise them with a table dressed with a black tablecloth and some disposable tableware designed for the occasion. If you have time, you can make some napkin rings with cardboard and a ‘little detail’ like a spider or some bones. And it will always be very attractive to put a note of color with a centerpiece made with small pumpkins and dried flowers.

Those who are a little more ‘kitchens’ can also prepare a menu for the occasion. Imagine a pumpkin cream decorated with strips of cream in the shape of a spider web, some pizzas in which the cheese is shaped like a ghost or a dark chocolate cake decorated with jelly beans in the shape of insects.

Don’t forget the garden

If you have a garden, there is no better place to prepare for visits. A welcoming skeleton, a lantern on the stairs, a hand that seems to come out of the wall and, of course, a sign with the ‘trick or treat’ will always help create an atmosphere.

With these ideas and a little creativity, you can make your house the scariest in the neighborhood on Halloween night. Can you think of anything else?

Source : Idealista

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