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Keys to choose the colors for your kitchen

Posted by KHADI on October 30, 2020
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Color is an essential element in the kitchen. In fact, it could be said that, together with the design of the room, the color of the furniture and the countertops is the absolute protagonist. For this reason, choosing which colors will predominate in this room of the house is a fundamental decision and when choosing it, there are three fundamental factors to take into account: the light, the style and the trends of the moment.

Light influences the color of the kitchen

The first thing to keep in mind is that if not too much natural light enters your kitchen, it is advisable to opt for light and neutral colors that bring luminosity to this space. If, on the other hand, your kitchen is a very bright room, you can opt for colorful furniture, vibrant and dark tones.

Urban versus rural style differences

The style of the home can also determine the finish of the kitchen. An attic in the center of the city is not the same as a rural house where elements that evoke its natural environment prevail, such as wood or stone, with a more rustic style.

Color trends

However, the trend of the moment is the most determining factor when choosing the color. The fashionable colors in the kitchen, although they are temporary, remain in trend longer because their introduction in the market is more rhythmic.

In recent years, monochrome has predominated in furniture and countertops, light and warm tones along with wood and mineral finishes. The matte or supermatte finish prevails in all materials equally, surpassing gloss or satin. In terms of materials, it should be noted that natural marble countertops have given way to countertops produced with mixtures of silica and quartz raw materials creating porcelain surfaces.

However, despite the fact that trends vary over time, there is one color that never goes out of style: white. This is the quintessential color and the safest bet in any kitchen regardless of the light, style or trend of the moment. We could say that it is the irreplaceable color, it is always present in the decision when purchasing a kitchen. Therefore, discarding the white color is one of the most daring and risky decisions in kitchen design and a safe bet for those looking for a different and groundbreaking kitchen.

There are also other colors that prevail over time, but occupy a secondary position compared to white. These are the color ranges of white, beige and gray, mainly colors in soft tones for laminated or lacquered materials.

On the other hand, wooden furniture, keeping the color of its original nature, is another trend that has been maintained over the years. Makes the kitchen more welcoming, providing warmth.

Today, those interested in furnishing their new kitchen or renovating the current one, will find an infinite variety of colors, finishes, materials, etc. but there is no doubt that among all of them, white will be the option most selected by the majority.

Source : Fotocasa

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