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These are the best TVs for your living room

Posted by KHADI on September 24, 2020
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Are you going to change TV and you can’t decide? Don’t panic: we come to your aid.

With the streaming platforms, watching TV has never been so interesting: you can spend hours watching series, movies, documentaries … there is everything and very varied. Obviously, the viewing experience will depend on the TV, but how to choose well? Which one is the best for you?

A good television can last more than ten years (those of our parents could turn up to forty and more), but today, between programmed obsolescence and the capricious tastes of the public, we change them before: around seven years of life.

We already know that there are different screen sizes, the best-selling is the 55-inch (a 55-inch TV is 140 cm diagonal and 122 wide). Choosing one or the other size will depend on the space you have in your living room (if it is very large or small) and the utility that you are going to give the television. If you are a consumer of cinema or documentaries, you are interested in a big screen (55 and over).

If you don’t use the TV much and the small living room, a 40 or 46-inch one will be enough. In any case, this is one of the first things you have to assess: the screen must be consistent with the surface of your living room and the distance between the sofa and the place where you are going to put it.

At what distance to see it? TVs from 4K onwards do not lose definition when viewed up close, but an inadequate distance can cause dizziness … therefore, before buying a TV, measure the distance between the sofa and the place where you are going to put it. Screens between 43 and 50 inches should be placed a minimum of 2.4 meters and a maximum of 3.2 meters from the sofa. If the TV is between 51 and 55 inches, set it at 2.8-3.6 meters. When installing, check that the center of the screen is one meter above the ground.

More aspects, what does the image quality depend on? Whether a TV looks better or worse depends mainly on the resolution or in other words, on the pixels per inch, PPI. There are two types of screen: Full HD and UHD. The latter have higher resolution and can be 4K (4,000 horizontal pixels) and 8K.

You will see in the TV information that it can be HDR 10, 10+ and Dolby Vision. The former are affordable and look great (HDR refers to TVs in which all images look perfectly, even the darkest and lightest). HDR 10+ uses less than the former and offers more detail, and Dolby Vision is the best.

When buying TV, also see that it has “inputs”, so that you can connect to the console, the computer, a pen…. The display should have 1-2 USB ports and several HDMI connections. The HDMI STB port is used to connect your operator’s decoder. The other HDMI ports, for the game console and the computer. Also make sure that the TV includes Bluetooth because it is essential if you want to use wireless headphones.

If you are going to buy a Smart TV, see that it has applications that give access to the Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime platforms … which some do not include them.

More tips: an OLED TV consumes less than an LED, keep that in mind if you are a big TV consumer.

Source : Idealista

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