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Small changes to make at home after returning to the routine

Posted by KHADI on September 18, 2020
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The holidays are over and it is time to pay some attention to our house. At the end of the day, we also have to prepare it for the autumn and adapt it to that day to day that we have left a little aside during the summer. we leave you some tips that can be put into practice.

The first thing, of course, is a thorough cleaning. Now is the time to empty cabinets, wash curtains, give windows and blinds a good look, and thoroughly clean bathrooms and kitchens. It is the most basic, but not the only thing you should do, where to continue?

Make room

Cleaning is a perfect time to get rid of those clothes that you do not like or are not going to put on again, of toys that your children no longer want, of those memories that you kept in a drawer and forgot or those small appliances that you have taking up space in the kitchen and that you no longer need them.

Think that they are occupying a precious space that will come in handy to store everything that you will need with the return to school or work.

First of all, organization

Speaking of making room, if while you clean you organize your belongings well, you will see not only that you gain, and a lot, in space, but that the house seems different. Yes, it is one of those small changes that does not cost anything, but that will make your life easier and give a much more pleasant and welcoming look to your home.

Organize what is seen and what is not: cabinets, bookcases, pantry … You also have a lot of small elements that will help you, from drawer dividers to organizers for the interior of kitchen or bathroom furniture.

A new air for very little

Do you want your house to look different without spending a lot? Try changing the furniture in the living room. Sometimes something as simple as this gives amazing results. And if you accompany it with some detail like a small change in the decoration of the walls, some cushions or a plaid to be warm in winter while you watch a movie, much better.

Also in the rooms you can do wonders with just some new bedspreads or covers and some cushions.

A place to study or work

Take a look at your children’s room if they are already of school age. Is the study table big enough? Do you have space to store books and supplies? Is the chair comfortable? Do not forget that they will spend a lot of time in the study area, so there is no choice but to adapt it. Do not be overwhelmed, sometimes, it is simply a matter of placing some shelves.

And the same with your workspace, especially if you do it at home or are going to do it. Maybe a few months ago you had to improvise at your desk and you had no choice but to use the dining room table or the kitchen table, but now you need a suitable place. If you do not have a room that serves as an office, there are alternatives, think that there is always somewhere in the house wasted. Find that corner and place the desk there, there are very light ones that adapt to almost any space.

Insulate your house well

Yes, it is still hot and you do not think about winter, but the cold will come and remember that it sneaks through any crack. There are little tricks that will help you keep your house warm and, incidentally, will save you on bills. Tricks as simple as putting weatherstripping on doors and windows or putting sheets of thermal insulation inside the drawers of the blind. Now is the perfect time to do it.

With these tips you will have your home prepared to recover the routine and to enjoy it as it deserves in the colder months. It may be a bit lazy to get to work, but you will see how you will appreciate it in a few days.

Source : Idealista

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