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Reforms to have the perfect space to telework at home

Posted by KHADI on September 10, 2020
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The look down and the new normal have redefined our standards, and while a few months ago we did not see the need to have an office space in our home, it is becoming increasingly necessary, especially with the rise of teleworking, which seems to have come to stay.

As we have experienced, not just any space will work at home, it needs to be a comfortable place, where we are comfortable and productive while working. We have read many tips on how to set up our home office: the importance of natural lighting, placing plants to delimit spaces and provide tranquility or being in a slightly overloaded space, as this will avoid distractions.

How to set up your home office? Reforms and tips for teleworking from home

This time we focus on the reforms that we can propose to achieve a home office space designed for the long term, for those who have incorporated teleworking into your work routine to a greater or lesser extent.

Upgrade your windows for a comfortable home office

One of the most common recommendations for choosing an area to telecommute is to choose a space with natural light. If we work near a window, we may find that it is not properly insulated and lets the cold outside. If we replace it with a new window we will not only save a possible cold in winter, but also a lot of money in the bills.

Points of light

Light is essential in our home, and obviously also for work. The installation of light points is a perfect complement to natural light, since this may not be as powerful as we would like throughout the day. We recommend doing tests to see if the light points suit your needs.

Paint the walls

More than for functionality, painting the walls can be a good idea for your well-being. Blue or green are colors associated with a relaxed atmosphere, so it can be ideal to create our work area at home.

Shelves and shelves to organize the material in your office from home

Order and organization are key to teleworking, having everything at hand and in order is essential to be more agile when working and, also, for the workspace to look clean, clear and pleasant, to inspire us to be working.

Installing shelves and shelves can be the solution for an orderly work area.

Change the floor of your telework room

Although when thinking about a home office we can idealize the idea of ​​having a room dedicated exclusively to her, if our home is smaller we can use little tricks and reforms to enjoy an office without having a room for her.

Changing the floor of the telework area can help us to define this area and look like the perfect office, in a small space. Laminate flooring can look great and clearly make a difference from the rest of the home.

Teleworking is going to be present in our lives, either constantly or occasionally, and a few small reforms can make a difference and help us to concentrate and work more comfortably.

If you want good results and efficiency, trust companies that meet the contract deadlines and offer a guarantee once the reform has been completed. This is the case of Aqui tu Reforma, a company present in the main cities in Spain.

Source : Fotocasa

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