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Decoration ideas: how to bring nature into the home

Posted by KHADI on September 4, 2020
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Do you need some ideas to give your home a more natural touch? From interior painting to plant placement, there is a world of things you can do to make spaces more pleasant and breathable. If you are a nature lover, you should know that it is possible to take it to your home in a very easy and original way.

With the help of the Habitissimo portal, we leave you some tips that can be put into practice.

Paint the walls

This idea is a bit obvious, but still very effective. Choose a color that identifies with the natural world and makes you feel good and paint the walls of your house with it. It is not necessary to use only green and brown to achieve this effect: you can also choose a softer white, which helps to brighten the space and can be combined with other colors more easily, or opt for a more pastel and neutral tone, such as the cream, which achieves the same objective.

Painted paper

There are numerous models of wallpaper, easy to apply and at an affordable price, that can be used at home to incorporate more natural elements into the decoration. You can choose from natural motifs, such as leaves, or even go for full paper that shows a landscape. If you prefer simpler wallpapers, choose a more earthy or greenish color and apply it in strategic places in the house to unify the theme of the decoration. Remember that it is best to do your research and testing before making the final decision.


This is already a slightly bolder proposal, but very decorative. Choose a wall in your house, in the room you prefer, and hire a professional to create a mural that brings nature into the home. Ask the professional to use more vibrant colors and try to use as many natural elements as possible, without compromising the aesthetics of the work. In this way you can bring more personality and color to your home in a very creative and personal way.

Painting the furniture

Painting furniture is easier than you think and can help your home look more natural. If you have more damaged furniture or need a renovation, roll up your sleeves and start sanding everything really well. Brush on the primer, if necessary, and paint the furniture in the color of your choice. If you want, you can also change small details, such as the handles, to get a piece that looks completely new, without having to spend a lot. Use the color in small notes so as not to overload the decoration.

Vertical garden

They are a relatively recent trend, but they are here to stay. What are we talking about? The vertical gardens. They can be created in practically any space in the house and with any material available, such as a ladder, some shelves or even an old sideboard. Choose plants that are easy to maintain and you will have a lush garden throughout the year that will bring more harmony and naturalness to your home, without having to spend a lot.

Aromatic gardens

¿Alguna vez has pensado en crear un jardín de hierbas en tu casa? Son fáciles de mantener, pueden plantarse en cualquier lugar, como en macetas o instalaciones de jardín vertical, y ayudan a hacer más sabrosa tu cocina. Una solución doblemente agradable. Escoge las hierbas que más te gusten y úsalas regularmente para hacer este espacio aún más práctico y atractivo para ti, y si lo deseas, decora las macetas o este pequeño rincón con colores naturales.

Source : Idealista

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