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How to understand the electricity bill?

Posted by KHADI on July 17, 2020
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If you have ever tried to understand the electricity bill, you will have seen that there are several concepts that are difficult to deduce but that are necessary in order to keep track of and understand the amounts you pay on the electricity bill. That is why Kelisto.es give you some guidelines so that you know what to look for when you want to check the electricity bill.

What information do we find on the electricity bill?

First of all, you should know that each marketer structures the information on your receipt in a way, so you can find certain differences between the invoice of one company or another. However, specific data must always appear, regardless of whether it is before or after it on the receipt.

As a general rule, the first thing you find on your electricity bill is a summary of your supply. That is, the billing period, the name of the owner and the reference of the contract. Other information that may appear in this first section is the name of the marketing company, the CIF or the registered office of the company.

Next, in the majority of electricity bills, a summary of the consumption you have made appears. You will find the price you have paid for energy, the amount of taxes and other services you may have contracted, as well as some discount. This helps you quickly know what the invoice amount you have to pay is.

Normally, on the next page this consumption is detailed, so you know how much you are paying for each concept. The mandatory aspects that appear on all invoices are:

Contracted power: the electrical power of your supply and the price it has are detailed. Normally, the price of the kW per day is indicated multiplied by the total days of the billing period, which results in what you will pay in total for your contracted power. For example, if you have a power of 3.3 kW and the kW is priced at 0.1352 euros per day, for a period of 29 days you will have to pay 12.94 euros for your power.

Billed energy: that is, the total kWh you have consumed, multiplied by the price of the kWh you have contracted.

Electricity tax: another concept present in all bills, since all consumers must pay (as well as the contracted power and the energy consumed). This tax is a percentage of 5.11%, and is calculated on the power and energy consumed.

Rental of measuring equipment: the price of this equipment is multiplied by the number of days of invoicing.

Possible discounts: if you have any discount on your invoice, it will be applied where appropriate and will be deducted from the invoice.

VAT: Finally, VAT will be added, which is 21% for electricity.

How the receipt works and what type of electricity we consume

This is, roughly speaking, the most important information on your electricity bill. Along with this, companies often offer other information to help you understand how your receipt works and what the electricity you are receiving is like.

It is common to find consumption charts, which indicate the electricity expenditure you have made in the last months or even years. In this way you can know at what time of the year you usually consume more light.

You can also find a breakdown of the type of electricity you are consuming. For example, with Iberdrola you will be able to know what percentage of each source the company uses to produce electricity (nuclear, renewable, coal, etc.).

Finally, all companies include contact details and customer service on their electricity bills in case you have any questions about your consumption.

How to verify that the electricity bill is correct?

To confirm that the consumption on the electricity bill is correct, you must enter the consumption data for the period, reading dates and contracted power in the tool provided by the website of the National Competition and Markets Commission. .

If you are thinking of changing the electric company because the electricity bill seems too high, you can save using the Kelisto electricity rate comparator. Compare the prices of the main marketers and hire the one that best suits what you need. You can save up to 168 euros a year on your electricity bill.

Source : Fotocasa