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How to live in a lighter, cleaner and happier home: seven things to throw away

Posted by KHADI on June 19, 2020
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Today more than ever the home must be a sacred refuge. And lockdown has come to demonstrate that the house works as an extension of ourselves: what we have inside and what we accumulate can trigger feelings of happiness and sadness, even if we do not know it. This is why doing a “detox” at home is often essential to get rid of what no longer matters and thus live in one more “mindfulness” space. These are 7 perfect examples of what can be thrown out of the way.

Inheritances we don’t like

We often stock furniture or family items that, in fact, do not match our tastes. Not wanting to have an old antique closet in the living room doesn’t mean we love them less. If it does not fit perfectly, it is better to leave it out or even donate it to those who need it.

Emotionally charged negative pieces

If you have pieces that bring back painful memories every time you look at them, it’s time to give them another life. The home should be a space of happiness and comfort, and not a dramatic place.

Horrible gifts

Yes, we have all received gifts that we do not like, from friends or family. If it’s really important and you can’t get rid of that gift, store it in a place that doesn’t bother you. And no, you can’t feel guilty if you want to keep them locked in a drawer or closet.

Broken things

Who has never tried to glue a broken object into a thousand pieces? It is better to accept and throw away what we know cannot be fixed. For a time it was very nice, we really liked it, but if it’s never going to be what it was, it’s better to get rid of it.

Many mirrors

They are hypnotic and very decorative, but if you are one of those people who every time you come across one you start to analyze your image negatively, you should keep only the essentials.

Projects started, but not finished

Some time ago you started knitting, learning to play an instrument, or even restoring a piece of furniture with some wonderful tips you saw on Pinterest. Everything was cut in half and you are always “colliding” with those things that you did not continue or could not finish. If there is no passion for these hobbies or others, it is better to accept and “leave” them.

Memories and more memories

Keeping things that lead to good times is great, but it can also be emotionally heavy if it starts to have the opposite effect. Keep only what you need and that will give you better feelings.

Source : Idealista