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How to visit homes for sale or for rent in full confinement

Posted by KHADI on May 8, 2020
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Since last Monday, May 4, real estate agencies have been able to open their premises and offices by appointment and personalized attention, as contemplated in Phase 0 of the de-escalation measures of confinement by covid-19. And visits to the properties that are for sale or for rent can be made from next May 11, as long as the corresponding CCAA has approved their entry in this Phase, as they remember from the Coapi in Madrid.

That is, if the CCAA where the real estate agency’s office is located does not change from Phase 0 to Phase 1, visits to the properties cannot be made, they can only open their premises (Phase 0). From COAPIMADRID-AIM, they assure that although neither Order SND / 388/2020, nor the Plan of de-escalation specify in any way the possibility or not of making visits to buildings, “by analogy and common sense, it could be interpreted that in other Actions that can be carried out these activities (visit friends and family), in Phase 1 (from May 11), as long as the entry of the Community of Madrid in Phase 1 is approved. “

“Today, and in the absence of new regulations or expansion or clarification legislation, it is not possible to advise with certainty from what date the aforementioned activity may be carried out, and without prejudice to the orders or regulations that may be issued in this regard, the time to begin to carry out the visits within the provincial scope of the Community of Madrid “, they indicate from the College of Real Estate Agents of Madrid.

The recommendations that follow are the result of an interpretation of the general indications published by the Ministry of Health, given that there are no specific specifications for the real estate sector. In case you have doubts about how to proceed in a specific situation that is not included in this manual, contact the Official College of Madrid or the Barcelona College, which has prepared a practical guide with the safety and hygiene measures that exist. what to take to make visits to the properties.

When scheduling visits
Establish a maximum number of people per visit, taking into account the surface of the property to be visited and the minimum safety distance between people that must be respected.
Space the visiting hours to ensure that there are no concentrations of people.
Do not make open door visits to the properties.
Add a point to your visit sheet that clearly indicates that the security measures recommended by the competent authorities have been followed during the visit.
Inform your clients in advance of the rules they must follow during the visit (for example, by sending the API document for client recommendations).

Protective material during the visit
Protective mask for the commercial (mandatory).
Protective mask for clients (mandatory).
Disposable commercial gloves (recommended).
Disposable gloves for clients (recommended).
Disposable bootees for the commercial (recommended).
Disposable bootees for customers (recommended).
Hand sanitizer product that the commercial carries (mandatory).

Security measures during the visit
Avoid greetings.
If the client is not feeling well or has symptoms compatible with coronavirus, the visit cannot be made.
During the visit it will be mandatory to wear a mask and gloves. In case of refusal by the client, the visit must be suspended.
During the entire visit, the safety distance of at least 2 meters must be maintained between people.
Limit touching surfaces or furniture, if any, as much as possible.
Preferably use the stairs instead of the elevators.
Do not visit community areas.
Reduce the time of the visit to the minimum and strictly necessary.
Source: Idealist