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Ideas to make your house profitable

Posted by Carla on September 13, 2019
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There are many people who do not like to have money in the bank and prefer to invest it in a new house. Today due to the boom in the real estate market, homeowners can profit from their homes in different ways.
A proper reform can revalue the property around 20%. Painting all the walls, fixing the floor, remodeling the kitchen and bathrooms, will make the house revalue quickly and can be put up for sale once the reform is finished.

The rent is another option, there are several possibilities when renting, being able to choose the one that most interests depending on the use that you want to give to the house, the residential rental, is a good option in the big cities, where the income of the rent compensate. It can be rented with or without furniture, if it is rented with furniture an inventory must be made that will be added to the rental contract. It is important that the furniture is attractive to the eye, so it will be easier and faster to rent the house.

Holiday rental is a good option if the property is located in a tourist or coastal area. It is currently highly quoted and almost any house is rented. The only thing that should worry is to give a good service, that the house is clean and that it has modern appliances, clean sheets and towels and that it is attractive to the eye. By hosting tourists you get a better performance. But you have to try to leave good reviews on the Internet so that you can rent the house almost every day of the month, and get more profitability than a traditional rental. Being able to even triple the profitability compared to long-term rental.

Another option is to rent a room, formerly it was rented a lot to students, but today due to the high cost of rent, more and more people are choosing to rent a room.

Finally, another option is the exchange of houses, which is not monetary but based on rewards. It is a practice that consists in exchanging one house for another, a certain number of days, and it is an option to make vacations and meet new places since there are exchange houses almost everywhere in the world.

If you do not have time to manage these ideas previously mentioned, you can always go to a real estate agency to carry out these steps. In the Canary Islands, specifically on the island of Lanzarote, Hormicasa has a great experience, professionalism and exclusivity in the real estate sector and offers its clients a wide range of real estate services that guarantee the satisfaction of its customers. Shall we speak?

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