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What bothers when looking for a home?

Posted by KHADI on July 23, 2019
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Finding a home can be exciting, see prices, decide which is the best property and the offer seen until then, however, it can also be a tiring process to visit flats and see offers that in the end do not meet our expectations. Therefore, we must be prepared to face the things that bother us when looking for a home to buy the house of our dreams.

The main annoyances that most customers have when they want to buy a home are the following:

What to keep in mind when we look for a home?
To buy a home, it is best to go to real estate professionals or agents, since the purchase of a property is not an operation that is done every day, besides it is a big investment.

Although it is the case that you would like to buy a second home, it is still an investment and that is why you must be up to date on the real estate movements in the area, know and devote time and effort to the search.

Before buying a property one must have legal, commercial, managerial and advisory skills. Therefore, experts recommend going to a real estate agency and let them do the dirty work for us, since they work in the sector and know all the important points that can save us headaches and discomfort.

As an example, do you know what the maximum price you should pay? Do you know what the square meter costs in your neighborhood? What is the maximum figure that you must bid? What is the purpose of the purchase? Or the time you waste making consultations and bureaucratic procedures?

Knowing all these characteristics is essential to buy a home and avoid problems with its acquisition.

Points to avoid in the real estate market
There are many factors to consider if you want to buy or buy in the real estate market. These factors affect the decisions you are going to make, however, there are some more important than others.

The first and most important is trust. This is essential since the trust takes time to earn and is easily lost since there are scams such as buying a floor plan that is not built later or charges and services added to the price. In summary, we must be careful and check the status of any home before buying it. For this, a professional can help us with these setbacks.

Things that bother when looking for housing
However, there are other problems that future owners have when looking for housing and, although they are minor nuisances, it is not bad to know them to avoid them as much as possible.

One of the most common problems of the apartments is not to meet the expectations of the owners, either by lying on the surface of the property or not having the features offered, such as the number of rooms, pool, terrace, garage, etc. that they should be.

The question of fictitious meters is a subject that causes a lot of frustration among future buyers. A larger size and square meters higher price is paid for the floor, therefore, it is not surprising that homes are offered that do not comply with reality. Another factor to consider is the photos. There is little or if there are many are usually poorly made, have low light or do not look properly. In these cases is to distrust and remove the house from the list of properties that interest us. However, it is always worth visiting a home to verify that the photos do not always fit the reality.

Another problem for advertisers is placing a wrong address, offering a floor that is already sold or worse, making duplicate ads with different prices and not updated. It is normal for people to make mistakes, but you can not publish a house on different platforms and ask for a price in one of them and a different one in the rest.

To avoid all these problems, we must carry out different consultations on a daily basis and carry out a list of the homes that most interest us. Having a general idea, it is important to consult the advisor because in this way we save time with calls to certain properties if we previously mentioned them to our real estate agent since he knows how the market moves.

To summarize, we must avoid any problem by conducting a constant search. That is, contrast homes, check them on different platforms, check pictures and state of the apartment, check the address before a visit and of course, let you advise by experts.

If you are looking for a home, please contact us by phone +34 928 800 543 or by sending an email to the address inmobiliaria@hormicasa.es

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