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Going back to live with parents or paying a rent forever?

Posted by KHADI on July 23, 2019
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Nowadays, with the salaries that are perceived it is complicated to have your own house, either for rent or in property. And many children who have left will come back!
For some, the idea of ​​going home to save money is stressful, especially if one does not get along with parents, and he has no choice but to return home, and not just for Christmas.
For others, circumstances simply push them back to their parents’ house out of sheer need, and they can not even think of saving.

Another option not to return home from the parents, is to make a temporary transfer to another country to obtain long-term financial gains, but the language impediment often slows down this desperate initiative to save, for the entry of a house or simply to have a financial cushion to be able to rent a couple of years without having to worry about having to return home from the parents in order to save, in short, to be able to live independently in the future.

In Spain, there is a buying mentality and young people do not want to rent forever, so they return home to their parents to save money from the entrance, usually banks finance 80% of the value of the home with a mortgage. And they must save 30% for the entry and expenses that buying a house entails associates.

The million dollar question would be: What would you sacrifice to live in the house of your dreams?
An emerging feeling in today’s Spanish society is the idea that “rent forever” can be a reality for many, rather than an option, particularly in large cities such as Madrid and Barcelona.

However, this fact is not necessarily perceived as a problem, since the advantage is the ability to live in a preferred place, even if it is not property and rent is the only way to do it.

This circumstance gives rise to the idea of ​​property as an investment in cheaper places than where you are going to live, so you look for other places to buy, such as in the Canary Islands, to invest and make money with the properties of use vacation

Are we talking about investing in a property in Lanzarote?
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