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Video real estate marketing what is that?

Posted by María José Capdepón on July 23, 2019
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Every day millions of real estate videos are shared on the internet that are then uploaded to YouTube. Nobody questions the effectiveness of real estate video marketing as a tool for real estate.

YouTube is a video platform created in 2005, which belongs to Google, and which has managed to create a very profitable business with it. The platform enters regularly for copyright and publicity, although it does not publish its income figures, it is known that last year saw its figures increase considerably.It is a powerful tool to attract and retain customer relationships, and the data thrown by the YouTube channel will help you to know the scope of this platform:

1. More than 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube each day.

2. The biggest consumers of video are the young, with ages between 18 and 34 years old.

3. Watch time on YouTube has grown in recent years.

4. Video is the most used content format, followed by entries in blogs and infographics.

5. The time that users spend watching video from their mobile devices has increased 100% since last year.

6. YouTube has more than one billion users, which are becoming more every day.

7.The video platform is present in numerous languages, with 88 local versions. In Spain it is accessed from the URL es.youtube.com but there are still few real estate companies that stand out on YouTube with real estate video marketing.

This is due in part to the fact that it is a very demanding channel, where it is necessary to be very creative to stand out. But if a content strategy is created, the options grow a little more. And we can get more visibility online, we can increase traffic to the real estate website, and we can build loyalty to the customers we already have.

Creating a YouTube channel is simpler than it seems. If you already have a Google account, you will only need to sign in to YouTube to start using this platform.

Like all Google products has a simple and functional design, with tabs on the left (depending on the device used and the version we have), where we can find among the different tabs that there are, the following:

*Personal adjustments:All the information in your account is accessed, with the possibility of updating your avatar (photo) and the header image of your channel.

Your channel:
You will find everything related to your activity, the uploaded real estate videos, the created playlists, your favorite videos and the subscriptions of other channels.

*Start:Here you will find everything new that are publishing the channels you are subscribed to and suggestions for other content that YouTube automatically generates based on your playback history.

*Trends:Here are the most watched real estate videos of the moment.

*Library:It contains the real estate videos that you have been adding to YouTube, your favorite videos, favorites, history and watch later. You can upload unique videos or creating collections, which you call “playlists”. professional accounts accounts. That saves the videos that you have been seeing over time. Based on this history YouTube makes predictions of what interests you to suggest new content.

In addition to uploading videos to playlists, you can add videos from other lists or channels, with the “Add to” tab. It’s an easy way to complete your channel with more content.

To upload a video to the YouTube platform, just look for the “upload video” button and download your video there. You can also “broadcast live”. Share your videos by a message.

Important, yes, complete the video with information regarding the category and description.

We also have the possibility to schedule the publication of videos of the real estate, which facilitates the work of organizing the weekly work content agenda, with the possibility of choosing the time of publication and control and increase the impact of the videos. To do this, you only have to indicate how the video is “programmed” when you upload it, instead of publishing it immediately.

Having a Facebook profile with links to news that users can find on their own does not contribute anything to the real estate marketing of a company, nor does it publish properties of the real estate all day. But real estate video marketing is more capable of viralising the image of a real estate company. The videos should be fun but with a professional image, lasting less than 3 minutes, so as not to bore the audience, and we should provoke a little, if we want to leave comments and the video is viral.

In our YouTube channel you can find videos about our real estate, real estate, news, the latest promotions and some houses that we have for sale.

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